8 Signs You Grew Up With Childhood Emotional Neglect

Childhood emotional neglect is very simple to define but complex in its effect. It happens when your parents fail to fulfill your emotional needs. They may fail to provide emotional support and attention that they should provide. Such parents do not give a level of affection and attention to their child.

Emotional neglect is very different from emotional abuse as emotional abuse distincts from physical abuse. Here at TryArticles, I have discussed the signs that can help you to identify the childhood emotional neglect. This article will help you to recognize the  signs of emotional neglect.

8 Signs You Grew Up With Childhood Emotional Neglect

Emotional support from parents can develop the best personality of the child.  Emotional neglect can discourage your child towards a normal and happy life. A child always need his parents for emotional and moral support.


Children may need their parents on every step to achieve success and good remarks. Parents do not fulfill the emotional needs of their children which negatively affect the mental health of a child. Following signs can help you to find the answer to the question that, are you grown up with childhood emotional neglect?

Feeling Of Emptiness

The chronic and empty feeling is a sign of emotional neglect in the childhood. The people with childhood emotional neglect are always found reacting different from others.

They feel empty from inside. For example, they can feel an emptiness in chest, belly or throat that occurs repeatedly. Childhood emotional neglect is always found to be hard and unmemorable for the people who suffered it in the past.


The person with childhood neglect cannot make social relationships. He may adopt antisocial behavior. These grown-ups cannot share their feelings with others because they are often rejected by their parents.

Fear Of Being Dependent

The people with childhood emotional neglect can also suffer from fear of dependence due to neglection and trauma. When as a child no one notices your feeling and emotional needs then it becomes hurting for you. You may feel an unwanted and irrational fear of being dependent on your friends or people who are close to you.



The childhood neglection inhibits your personality to grow in a positive and optimistic way. Your self-knowledge and intrinsic motivation can disturb to grow further. It often forces you to feel yourself worst than others.

The love of parents gives emotional support that helps a child to become a successful and emotionally strong person in the future. But childhood neglection badly disrupts the mental health of the neglected child. If you suffer from the fear of being dependent, you may have experienced negligence from your parents in the childhood.

Low Self-Esteem And Shame

As a child, you can feel upset when the things around you upset you many times including the neglected behavior of your parents. It can kill your confidence and you feel over-sensitive that can produce the feeling of shame and guilt in you.


You can have difficulties to grow up from the problems in the home, school, and your siblings. It can create violence in your mind that disturbs your normal life activities. You can cry for your weaknesses. It can help you to release your emotions and feeling of anger. All these signs show the emotional neglection.

Self Directed Anger And Blame

Self-blame is defined as a cognitive process in which people blame themselves for a stressful event or situation. Self-directed anger is also a symptom of childhood emotional neglect and low self-esteem. People feel angry and try to relax themselves with self-harming behaviors.


They can do following things.

  • Aggression and anger.
  • Self-harming behaviors.
  • Self-blame for any mistake.
  • Guilt.

Difficulty In Expression Of Emotions

The people with childhood emotional neglect can feel difficulty to express their emotions. They do not understand their emotions and feel shame to share their problems with friends or family.  They become depressed many times when they think about their own needs.


The neglection from parents can cause low self-worth in a child and with the passage of time the guilt and low self-esteem becomes a serious issue to express feelings. The people with childhood neglection cannot express their feelings for others and feel fear or shiver when they try to share their feelings.

Proud Of Independence


People who suffer from the childhood emotional neglection feel proud for independence. They do not know the emotional attachment or severity of any relationship due to childhood neglection. These people can also suffer from borderline personality traits. They are also involved in criminal activities or are drug addicted due to independence from immature age.

Not Touch With The Feeling Of Ownself

Are you out of touch with your emotions? What’s the reason behind it? A neglected person feels confused about his needs and wishes. People do not understand their feelings due to childhood emotional neglection. This neglection becomes a major life event that cannot be forgotton and recovered easily.

Self feelings

Getting back to basics is impossible after spending a lot of time with emotional pain and neglection from parents. The love and care of parents is the only thing that can develop your best personality. A neglected child cannot be in love with his own feelings and feel depressed many times.

Being Harsh And Hard On Ownself

If you often blame yourself for the errors and problems in your life and no one gives you emotional and moral support than you may feel neglected. Being harsh and hard on own self is also a symptom of childhood emotional neglection from parents.

GETTING harsh and hard

The neglected child can become a criminal or mentally ill person when he faces a harsh neglection from his parents. Emotional disturbance is the big issue that a neglected child can always face.

Don’t blame yourself for the problematic situations and try to make yourself emotionally strong person. It is possible to recover from childhood emotional neglection with the help of an expert and therapies.

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