How to Be Elusive?

Everybody wants to be elusive in life but only some have capabilities of it. to remain out of people reach is everyone desire and it is a very difficult job. If you want to create an elusive atmosphere around yourself you have to aim studies. This will make you special among your circle of friends. If you become serious in studies than you become a crush of many people. Because elusive personality of someone is fascinating to others.

How to be elusive


If you want an elusive personality of yourself, you have to go contrary to your nature and habit. You have to change the change your circle of friends, classmates, and coworkers. You have to be very selective and cautious because it will directly affect your image.  You don’t have to tell everybody everything about yourself. You should ask the questions which your friends already want to listen to you. You should use this as lead when talking to your friends.



If you want to be raincheck you should always accept the offers made to you. Never blindly reject any invitation from anyone. Because this will make you look dumb or unsocial. You should always say that you are very honored and pleased but due to some personal commitments, you cannot attend the gathering. This will make you look elusive towards other.


Split your attention

If you want to look elusive among others then you have to divide your courtesy toward others. You have to engage everyone in gathering with yourself. Never depend on one person for a conversation. You should not look directly into the eyes of the person you are talking to.  You should continuously watch the time or check the glass of drink because this will show you have some problems to deal with. You have to deal with delicate gestures so that no one feels bad about you.


Connect with high status

If you want to be elusive among your circle of friends you have to connect yourself with people of high status. For this, you don’t have to leave your current circle of the group because this might look awkward to a lot of people and they will consider you selfish. Your connection with high-status people will show your association is very broad.


You have to be sparing while having a conversation with people. Because this will make you look elusive. Your language may have an odd effect on others. Like when you talk and you withhold some one’s name that will always remain in the mind of another person.

Know the difference

You should know the difference between elusive and being rude. Sometimes for an act like an elusive person, people become rude to others which hurt the heart of other people.  For an act like elusive, you don’t have to capture another person physically or mentally. Or another thing is if you continuously disappear from people gathering when they hang out. Keep in mind that your continued absence will show your rude behavior.

Know the difference


If you want to be elusive you have to show your faith and belief in rituals. When you rank well in your final examination after performing some kind of ritual people will consider some kind of insight connection towards inner world.

Time plan

You don’t have to look busy in front of others just to show your elusiveness. You should plan some kind of useful activity that will be healthful for you. A calendar full of some activities or events will do the job for you. Somethings like going to park for walk or hiking will be good to look elusive.TIMEPLAN

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