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Six Tips Every Growing Company Should Follow

Growing Company

That is exactly where it starts, with Tips Every Growing Company Should Follow, which is presented by Austin Houghton, CFA and Marketing Strategist at Richmond, VA-based Natural Food Inc. The sixty-minute webinar features experts such as John Combs, Executive Vice President and COO of WPL Properties, Dan Coffey, owner and creator of GreenValley Gardens, and Matthew McConaughey, founder, and CEO of Equity Creative Systems, LLC. Other panelists include Laura Parks, president and CEO of WPL Properties; Amy Dorn Kopelman, an attorney and senior vice president of equity research at Financial Planning; Tom Lyle, co-founder and CEO of Real Future Direct Selling; and Mike Griffith, owner and creative genius at Activated Living. These experts give tips on everything from business strategies to product development, and ways to ensure that your growing business thrives into its future.

At the outset, one main focus of the Tips for Business is that companies should aim to impact the local community in which they are located. For example, with health-conscious consumers are becoming more aware of organic food options, Richmond area companies must be careful not to promote unhealthy products that will only exacerbate this growing trend. In addition, healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors are very likely to subscribe to special programs such as the Healthy Foods Guide to promote healthy eating among their clientele. In the process, they may provide information to clients about local restaurants and grocery stores that offer healthy products and encourage them to purchase these goods and services.

Secondly, tips presented throughout the webinar provide tips on hiring the right employees. This is especially important with people such as consultants, IT professionals, marketing managers, and accountants who may have unique skills that can add value to your company. It is also important to keep in mind that some of the panel members work for other firms and may need to be invited to participate in the webinar. In such cases, the firm with which they work may sponsor the webinar or provide complementary materials to use as a guide. In either case, it is helpful to provide them with personal contact information so that they may send you a thank-you note when their participation is appreciated.

The third most important tip to follow is to think about how customers feel whenever they are subjected to an informational webinar. Even if you are introducing new products or services that have been long in the making, customers will often feel wary about trying something new. On the other hand, companies must not let this fear prevent them from trying new techniques. Rather, by preparing beforehand and ensuring that all attendees feel welcome, your business will benefit by attracting new customers with confidence.

A fourth tip is to keep the information presented in the webinar as concise and clear as possible. Nothing encourages the retention of information more effectively than overwhelming participants with too much detail. As such, begin planning out the content well in advance. Include topics that should be covered and methods for obtaining updates throughout the course of the presentation. Consideration of these details will ensure that your webinar is successful.

Fifth, as with any successful marketing effort, a key to growing your business lies in developing effective follow-up strategies. While most people expect that a company will take care of them during registration and sign up, it is important to maintain communication beyond this point. After all, new customers may be hesitant to engage with a business if they feel the lack of communication is a result of your inability to compensate for their curiosity. Avoiding these concerns early on can make all the difference in the world.

Sixth, when planning your webinar it is wise to consider using video. Video offers your audience the chance to get an in-depth look at your company while at the same time reinforcing your brand. In addition to driving more traffic, the video provides an opportunity for your company to show off an actual aspect of your company that your competitors are not able to exhibit. This includes proof of your production values, training techniques, and even a behind the scenes look at your team. All of these things can help to build a positive perception of your company and its employees.

Thorough planning and implementation of these six tips every growing company should consider will ensure a successful webinar. Take the time to thoroughly think through each step before you begin to plan and implement each step. With so many options to choose from and so much information to absorb, webinars are an excellent way to enhance your business’s reach and image.

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