How To Calculate The Area Of An Oval?

An oval is a geometrical shape which is a closed curve or ellipse similar to an egg. Basically, it is the shape constructed by joining two different arcs of different radii.

We often see oval-shaped objects like eggs and oval-shaped stadiums in our routine life. If we want to design an oval-shaped object then it is necessary to know its area so you would know how much space it will take.

The space occupied by the oval-shaped object is known its Area. In this article, we will describe step by step its calculation.

Calculating Area of an Oval

calculating area of oval

For better illustration let’s take the example of an egg. If we have an egg and we want to calculate its area then follow these steps.

Find Axis

find the axis

The first step is to find the axis. Axis of an oval is the line which passes through the center and it connects two points at opposite sides of the edge of an oval. These axes are of two types which are described below.

For this purpose mark the edge of an egg using a marker and mark a dot at the center. Now draw lines similar to the above picture.

Find Major Axis

major axis

The major axis of an oval is the line passing through the center to the longest distance point on edge horizontally. It the largest axis of an ellipse, also called radius of an oval and it is always at horizontal. We can also consider it as the width of an oval.

To calculate major axis use a measuring tape and measure the distance from center to the largest point on edge horizontally. Suppose it is 6 cm and represented by “r1”.

Find Minor Axis

minor axis

The minor axis of an oval is the line passing through the center towards the smallest distance point on the edge vertically. It is the smallest axis of an ellipse, also called vertical radius and it is always taken vertically. We can also consider it as the length of an oval.

To calculate minor axis measure the distance of line passing through the center to the smallest point on edge vertically using a measuring tape. Assume it is 4 cm and represented by “r2”.

Formula of Area of an Oval

formula of area of an oval

Area = pi * major axis * minor axis

Or we can write it as

A = pi x r1 x r2

Evaluate the Area

The last step is to simply put the values in the formula and evaluate.

A = 3.14 x 6 x 4

A = 75.36 cm2

So using this simple formula we have calculated the area which is equal to 75.36 cm2. I hope you liked my post and if you have any query you can hit it down in the comments section.

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