Can I Remove The Catalytic Converter From My Car?

Catalytic converter is a control device which emits the waste gases from a car engine in the course of its operation. It consists of an oxidation and reduction catalyst which converts the toxic gases into less toxic pollutants before emitting it into the atmosphere. The catalytic converters are placed underneath the vehicle. It operates at a very high temperature of 426 ◦C resulting in vapor lock problem if it is placed close to engine.

Hence, considering the temperature requirements the catalytic converter does not work efficiently for diesel engines as they run at less temperature than petroleum engines.

Catalytic ConverterCritics’ debate that the catalytic converter installed reduces the engine power and recommend to remove it from the vehicle. One of the negative effect of the catalytic converter includes the cost of repairing. The catalytic converter are designed using precious materials and it is expensive to re-place or repair it. Some of the issues caused by removing a catalytic converter are discussed below.

Environmental Pollution

The function of the catalytic converter in vehicles is environmental, as it makes the exhaust less harmful which is emitted by the car engine. Diesel exhaust consists of high level of soot mainly of harmful elemental carbon. The catalytic converter eliminates 90 percent of the soluble organic materials making it less harmful.

The catalyst in the catalytic converter performs a chemical reaction that controls the amount of fuel they burn reducing the amount of emissions. The oxidation reaction performed in the catalyst makes the pollutants 40 percent less toxic. Therefore if a catalytic converter is removed from the car it makes the car more polluting.

Exhaust gas

Noise Pollution

Catalytic converter if removed from the vehicle results in more noise every time the engine accelerates causing disturbances while driving resulting in noise pollution. A muffler is installed with the catalytic converter which reduces the noise caused by the exhaust of an internal combustion engine.

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When the catalytic converter is removed from the vehicle the flow of exhaust is blocked to a certain degree giving rise to back pressure reducing the power. Performance oriented exhaust system thus attempts to reduce back pressure utilizing different technologies to reduce the sound.

Energy Consumption

Removing the catalytic converter can affect financially and has no benefits. Without this piece the engine will consume more energy resulting in high fuel consumption. The car may accelerate faster by removing this converter but it will increase the amount you spend on fuel each month.


Ministry Of Transportation Issues

A car if emits more toxic gasses than permitted by the law and has its catalytic converter removed can be illegal in addition to being more of a pollutant. All vehicles has to be tested for MOT and if any vehicle emits more polluting gases the owners may be fined.

In many developed countries it is prohibited to modify the original equipment manufacturer exhaust system which varies by jurisdiction. Considering this point it becomes clear that according to the law one cannot remove or modify the original exhaust system of the vehicle.


Fuel Options

Catalytic converter restricts the fuel options used to operate car engine. Vehicles equipped with catalytic converter can use only unleaded fuel. The leaded fuel provides more power to run the engine, but it destroys the inner material of the catalytic converter. If the catalytic converter is removed, variety of high performance fuels can be used improving the performance of car engine.

unleaded fuel
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Those who approve of removing the catalytic converter enhance the power of the car engine. However the benefits of the catalytic converter are more significant than its negative effects on the engine operation that are hardly noticed. The performance of car engine can be improved with proper maintenance reducing the fuel consumption without being affected by a catalytic converter.

The performance benefits can be achieved by other means instead of removing the catalytic converter. Moreover removing the catalytic converter from vehicles or replacing it will result in law breaking. Considering these arguments one can decide whether or not it is bad to remove this piece from a car.

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