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Cookie Policy

Websites use text files called cookies to recognize users between visits and analyze how people use their site. This policy clearly outlines all cookies the website sends to your computer and how to control them.

What are Cookies Exactly and How Do Websites Use Them?

Cookies are little text snippets that get stored on your laptop or phone when you visit a website. They help sites “remember” small bits of data so the experience feels continuous when you return later on the same device.

They enable helpful features like customizing the content you see, greeting you by name, or saving your preferences across multiple site visits. Cookies also allow site owners to track usage statistics to understand what pages and formats people like best overall.

Specific Types of Cookies Utilized

Required Functionality Cookies

These basic cookies let you smoothly log in, set individual preferences, add items to your shopping cart, and use other necessary website features. They cannot be disabled without breaking site functionality.

Site Performance and Traffic Analysis Cookies

These track globally how many people visit the website pages, which links they arrived from, how long they stay before leaving, and other aggregated usage statistics. They help uncover navigation issues or popular sections to improve.

User Recognition and Customization Cookies

These store individual preferences you pick like default language, location or newsletter options to offer a personalized, seamless experience across future site visits. They remember if you have an account.

Personalized Advertising and Marketing Cookies

These help tailor ads shown to your inferred interests based on your browsing history elsewhere. While helpful for advertisers, personalized ads can feel intrusive.

How Visitors Can Control Cookies on the Website

Browser settings allow deleting or disabling some cookie types depending on your privacy priorities:

  • Clear all for a blank slate
  • Disable third-party advertising/analytics cookies only
  • Remove stored preferences but retain necessary functionality

The site assumes visitors agree to essential functionality cookies enabling the platform to work by simply interacting with the website. Users can withdraw overall cookie consent by not visiting going forward.

As technology and cultural expectations evolve, cookie guidelines get updated periodically. Please review the latest cookie policy rules occasionally for changes.