What Country Is Gibraltar In?

Jabal Tariq is an Arabic word which means “Mountain of Tariq”. Today we know it by its Spanish derivation Gibraltar. It was named after the Muslim Umayyad General “Tariq-bin Zayad” who led the first intrusion in 711. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula and from the north, it is bordered by Span. Its area is about 6.7 km2 and it is a homeland to over 30,000 people.

Though it shares the land with Spain, officially this piece of land is governed by the United Kingdom i.e. it is a British territory. In this article, we will find out the country in Gibraltar and some more information about it, so read the article till the end.

Location Of Gibraltar

Location of gibraltar

If we see geographically the land of Gibraltar is located around the rock of Gibraltar and in the south of Iberian Peninsula. It is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea and it shares about 1.2 kilometers of land with the Cadiz and Malaga regions of Spain.

Despite sharing the land with space it is a British territory and its population is more than 30,000. British government gives the nationality of its inhabitants. Although the national language here is English, Spanish is also spoken here.

What Country Is Gibraltar In?

Country in gibraltar

Gibraltar is not an independent country. It is a  domain of the United Kingdom. Just like the natives of United Kingdom, Gibraltars also avail the facility of British nationality and health services. This region has also its own government and parliament that is totally under the control of UK. Its government has to respond to the Queen of England.

That is why its government can’t take all the decisions on their own in political matters; they have to follow some policies. Span has claimed for the long time ago that this land belongs to them. But in a referendum, Gibraltar’s natives decided to stay with the UK.

Brexit is an impending withdrawal of UK from the European Union which was made in the referendum on 23 June 2016. After this Gibraltar is in doubt of being a part of UK.

Interesting Facts

facts about gibraltar

  • The rock of Gibraltar is almost 1,400 feet high; it spires over the city and the ocean underneath.
  • More than 300 monkeys live there and you can even see them on streets.
  • The Gibraltar currency is known as Pound which is Official Currency of UK. You can use Pound in both regions but you can’t use local currency of Gibraltar in the UK.
  • Time zone of Gibraltar is same as that of Spain.
  • There are no taxes on the goods in Gibraltar.
  • The Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Masjid is located at the very tip of Gibraltar. It is one of the most beautiful buildings and one of the gigantic masajids in a non-Muslim country. A cost of £5 million pounds was spent to build it. It was gifted by King Fahad of Saudi Arabia.

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