How To Descale Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine?

Every machine that uses water for its functioning requires descaling periodically, especially when you use tap water. The situation is worsened when you are living in an area that has hard water. When using such type of water, the frequency of descaling is increased manifold.

The Capsule based Coffee Machines like Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker, although is very much user-friendly and easy to use, does need regular descaling periodically. What is descaling? Descaling means removal of scale from the inner lining of the Coffee Machine. These scales start accumulating on the inner walls of the machine due to the presence of various particles in the water, such as Lime, Rust, Calcium and various other non-soluble particles.

Dolce Gusto

When a considerable amount of these scales gets accumulated on the inner linings of the Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine, descaling is required to clear these surfaces to enable optimum functioning of the machine. Here, we are guiding you How To Descale Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine?

Descaling Agent / Product

The first thing you need to descale your Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine is the Descaling Agent. This product is readily available in every reasonable superstore. You can get one of your choices from the nearby market. Other things required for performing descaling of your machine are one disposable container and of course, water.


Once you have the descaling agent and other required items, you are ready for the process as under.

  • Removal Of Capsules – First of all you need to remove any leftover capsules from the machine; your machine should be clear of all such capsules before starting descaling.
  • Empty The Dispenser – Now check the capsule dispenser and clear it from any capsules left over there. After emptying the capsule dispenser put it back in its original place.
  • Fill The Water Tank – once you have cleared the capsule dispenser, fill the water tank with approximately half a liter of clean water.
  • Add Descaling Agent – Now open the Dolce Gusto Descaling agent packet and pour the liquid agent in the water tank of the machine. While doing so, make sure to follow the instructions printed on the descaling product packet. (If this product is not available, you can use vinegar instead, but this is not recommended generally).
  • Place Back The Water Tank – after adding the descaling product in the water tank, put back the tank in its place on the Coffee Machine.
  • Turn On The Machine – Now it’s time to turn on the machine while placing a container underneath the Coffee Spout
  • Disposable Container – Preferably, the container to be placed under the spout should be disposable, as the descaling agent might be containing some toxic material. Alternately, you may use a container which can then be easily washed and cleaned off from any possible toxic material.
  • Activate Outlet Of Water – Now press Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine Button and activate water outlet, just as if you are going to whip coffee. By doing so, the water tank drains out entire water and gets empty.

On completion of the above process, your Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine stands cleaned and descaled. You may observe here that the water coming out from the tank may be somewhat hazy; nothing to worry about, it is only due to use of the cleaning agent. You may need to repeat activation of water outlet, to make sure that entire liquid is emptied out.

washing dolce gusto

After completing the above task, you now need to refill the machine with clean water for rinsing the descaling agent. When you observe that the water coming out of the machine is now clear, the descaling process is completed. Your machine is ready for use again.

Never forget to throw away the disposable container used for descaling. Regular descaling of Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine improves the efficiency of your machine and enhances its useful life.

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