How To Detangle Your Hair With Home Remedies?

Ever sit on a thrilling rollercoaster ride and regretted it later? Or a drop top car with a friend? Dealing with tangled hair is a nuisance. Knotted hair is more susceptible to damage and causes chronic hair fall.

Factors like weather conditions also play a role in unhealthy tresses making it harder to style your hair into braided up-dos or knots.

detangling hair with home remedies

This Try Articles article caters to the aftermath of whatever caused your hair to get all tangled up!We’ll be discussing some at-home solutions and share some great tips!

Before jumping into home remedies, let’s review why our hair knots itself in the first place.

Causes Of Knotted Locks

Reasons for tangled hair
  • Heat: a pretty obvious cause, straighteners, blow dryers, curling irons damage hair and lead to knotted tresses.
  • Split Ends: Split ends are a sign of fragile stressed hair. They mix up with healthy hair and cause fairy knots.
  • Water and Wind: Depending on your hair type, they are likely to get tangles in wet or airy conditions.
  • Dryness: a chief cause in tangled hair. Hair that is dry lacks moisture and protein. Curly hair types are more prone to developing tangles than hair that is straight and oily.
  • Rough Hair Texture: this is usually caused due to the formation of scales which develop due to poor hygiene. The flaky surface traps hair causing knots to form.

But don’t worry. Put your “sherlock combs” on and let’s dive into some much-needed home remedies. The following are “unbeweavable” and practically your “hairway to heaven”  Haha!

Home Remedy 1 – Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

The go-to kitchen essential for combatting knots and tangles. The acid helps in balancing your pH, leaving your hair satin soft and shiny making you feel like you need to sign up for a hair advert!

Using apple cider vinegar for detangling hair


  •  Apple Cider Vinegar — 1 Tbsp
  • Water — 1/2 cup boiled and cooled (or according to how diluted you want this)

Essential Oils To Add (Choose One)

Adding essential oil to this mixture is entirely up to you but we’d recommend you do, not only is it beneficial to your hair but smells much better than vinegar. Add at least 30 drops to the above mixture.

  • Tea Tree or Patchouli: best for oily hair due to their acerbic characteristics.
  • Lavender or Chamomile: to tame the frizz in dry hair.
  • Lemon: aids in balancing oily hair. This should be used with care as it may lighten your hair color.


 If using essential oils, add them to apple cider vinegar and let it sit for a few minutes and then stir forcefully; add water.  Pour into a spray bottle and spritz on hair. This works well as a leave-in conditioner. After 5-10 minutes comb through your hair and condition as usual.

If you think a spray bottle is a too much hassle, rinse your hair with this after your done washing. If your tangles are rebellious, repeat this routine twice. Pro Tip: Always start detangling your hair from the tip and then work your way up to the roots. This will aid in causing needless hair damage.

Shelf Life: Use within 4-6 weeks as it doesn’t have any preservatives. Keep in a refrigerator.

Home Remedy 2 – DIY Detangling Lotion

The easiest one out of the lot. No need to go and buy a branded product vowing to detangle your hair in seconds. You can easily wipe this up at home.

Using conditioner and water to untangle hair


Conditioner — 1 Tsp

  • Water — 1/2 cup

Oils to Add (Choose one)

  • Jojoba oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Argan Oil

These will not only aid in detangling your hair but also moisturizing it, making it easier to style.


Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and shake vigorously to mix the ingredients well. Apply to damp hair and untangle with ease.

Shelf Life: Use within 2 weeks and easily wipe up a new one in double time!

Home Remedy 3 – Overnight Deep Conditioning Treatment

Deep condition hair over night

Before hitting the sack, wash your hair and apply a generous amount of conditioner to it. Spread the conditioner through your hair by finger combing it (you can also use a wide-toothed comb). Cover your conditioner drenched hair with a shower cap and let it sit overnight. In the morning rinse out the conditioner and comb and style your hair with ease.

Home Remedy 4 – Flaxseed Hair Detangler

Flaxseed oil for healthy hair


  • Flaxseed — 1 Tbsp
  • Apple cider vinegar — 3 Tbsp
  • Water — 1½ Cup
  •  jojoba or olive oil — 1½ tsp

Preparation And Usage

Put the seeds in water and bring to boil. Let them simmer for 15-20 mins while stirring continuously. Remove from heat, strain and sieve through a fine mesh (<2 mm) then stir in oil. As before if you add essential oils add them to ACV and let them sit then stir vigorously.

Pour the ACV into the flax-seed-oil mixture and leave it in the fridge till it reaches its concluding consistency which will be gel-like. Dilute with water as required and spritz on either dry or wet hair. Comb through and let this detangler work its magic on hair for 2 mins. Comb through and wash.

Shelf Life: As this is a home remedy it is best to store in a fridge and use within 2 weeks.

Home Remedy 5 – Coconut Oil

The ultimate Elixir for hair. God’s hair conditioner for mankind. This alone is enough to untangle your stressed hair out. It is recommended that you leave the oil in your knotted hair overnight and wash in the morning. This way it deeply penetrates the hair fiber, hydrating it to its maximum level.

Coconut oil to detangle hair

To oomph this up you can also add an egg to the mix. Apply this 30 mins before washing and viola. You’ll look like someone right off the ramp!

How to Avoid Tangles

Put Your Hair Up In A Ponytail

Avoid knots in the hair by tying back long hair in a ponytail. This will help prevent the tangles that develop from friction, movement, harsh weather conditions, as well as the tossing and turning during sleep. Ponytails are especially suggested for people with light, easily frizzy or extremely long hair.

Pony tail to keep tangles at bay

When wearing a ponytail, avoid holders made out of plastic or with metal trim. Neoprene elastic bands and cloth-covered elastic bands are preferred.

Avoid Elaborate Hairstyles

If your hair is prone to developing knots avoid putting it up in braids, dreadlocks or intricate hairdos.

Use Hair Accessories

Hair pins to keep tangles at bay

Decrease your chances of tangles by using hairpins, clips or barrettes.

Use A Hat / Cap

Under extreme weather conditions or windy days protect your tresses from tangling by investing in beanies or any winter cap/hat.

Inhibit The Use Of Hair Products

Gels, sprays, hair creams and waxes can escalate your chances of developing knots. The sometimes harsh chemicals in these products react and cause dryness, dandruff, flakiness and hair fall.

Cut down on the usage of hair products

We guarantee you, that this read will save your day – save your hair!

Do share it with someone who gets their hair tangled up too often or uses a lot of hairstyling every now and then. Also, let us know in the comments below if you have any new ideas regarding hair de-tangling. We love hearing back from you!

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