How To Diagnose Common Motorcycle Clutch Problems?

The motorcycle systems suffer from wear and tear as a result of everyday use, one of the systems of the motorcycle that presents greater wear is the clutch. Clutch is the part that controls the speed of the bike. It is significant to maintain or change the clutch before it runs out of work. If you notice the slightest sign of degradation in the performance of your clutch, change before it gets completely workless.

At Tryarticles, we will tell you different ways to find out How to Diagnose Common Motorcycle Clutch Problems and when it is needed to change the clutch.

Diagnose Common Motorcycle Clutch Problems

There are several factors that indicate failures in the clutch, and these are explained below.

Clutch Is Worn Out

If the motorcycle has taken a long time to stall or harder to change gears, then it is a bad sign, which means that the system is worn out. You will find difficult to fit each year. It is the time when we say that the clutch is somewhat hard, and it is because it lost its effectiveness, it does not respond the same until the moment comes when it stops working.

Clutch Slips

If there is oil or grease on the disc due to the leakage of a seal, the adhesion will decrease and the clutch may slip without being worn. If it is slipping, just open the clutch and remove the springs and if it’s worn then replace those springs. Weak springs can’t hold the plates of the clutch together strong enough and slippage happens. If the plates are not in good condition, that’s also the reason behind clutch slipping. Once a clutch starts to slip, the problem will get worse and worse, you may need to think about replacing with new plates.

Clutch Chattering

A strange noise is the nightmare of every driver. If your clutch is chattering, its mean the clutch cable may be worn, and it’s time to change the cable. Also check the plates, whether it is fine or burnt because of excessive heat.

Burning smell

Friction between pressure plates and clutch plates increases thus it starts burning because of overheating and produces burning smell. If you notice this smell, you should not continue using the clutch regardless of whether it is worn or not. If it is worn and you still continue to use it, you will damage the rest of the pieces.

Acceleration problem

It is also very significant that, when you accelerate, you notice how the engine increases the revolutions but the speed does not increase in the same proportion. This is another sign that tells you must change the clutch of the bike.

Tips to keep your clutch healthy

  • Use quality oil.
  • Don’t change gear until you have pressed the clutch down fully and, likewise, do not release it until it is properly in gear.
  • The clutch should be adjusted correctly.
  • Don’t tighten your clutch too much.
  • Correct cable adjustment.
  • Keep checking clutch plates.
  • Keep diaphragm clutch springs tight.
  • Adopt a smooth handling in order to avoid premature wear of the clutch components.
  • Keep maintaining your clutch system.
  • In case of presenting symptoms, go to a trusted mechanic who diagnoses the motorcycle.

How Long Does A Clutch Last

There is no exact answer because there is no definite time period. A horrible use of it can cause a clutch hardly last 5,000 km. However, well-care would even exceed 400,000 km. It depends on a series of specific factors and the use made of the clutch by the driver. So, make good and smooth use of the clutch, it will last longer if you take care of it with a series of attention.

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