What do the Different Abbreviations on Instagram Mean

Instagram has changed the way we view a picture. It has appended hashtags, right slang, and shortenings to photographs with the goal that you can pass on your sentiments through both photographs and words. Be the point we are talking about is the measure of shortened forms coming up on Instagram these days it turned out to be very confusing and difficult to get it.

different abbriviation on instagram mean

Adjacent to we can’t ask it from others as it might influence us to appear to be of the old world and not progressive. Truly utilizing hashtags is critical to increasing more people who follow you in a right way, so knowing their implications is vital.

Yet, don’t stress, in case you’re lost and don’t have any idea about what all the hashtags mean on Instagram pictures, this article is for you. Now we are going to we clarify you what the various shortened forms on Instagram mean, so you can begin utilizing them on your photos starting now and into the foreseeable future.



Igers is the shortened form for Instagram clients. This hashtag is utilized as a part of for the record of the photos that are posted on Instagram, and here and there is trailed by the name of a place. For example, #IgersNewYork will be a label utilized by the Instagram clients of New York. On the off chance that you need to see pictures from these clients you’ll just need to search for that tag and you’ll see what they’re posting on their Instagram posts.

#TBT and #FBF


Here tbt is supposed for Throw Back Thursday. It is additionally utilized for Truth Be Told. Toss back Thursday is utilized for those photographs on Instagram which are taken by the account holders past memories. They’re typically transferred on a Thursday. Honestly, it is utilized for those photographs where a man expresses their insight to the people who follow him/her.

These photos can be posted on Instagram at any time. You’ll know whether the #TBT is relating to a certain something or the other by taking a view of the photo. A comparable hashtag is #FBF. Here FBF is meant to be said for Flash Back Friday. Like to the opposite of TBT, it is utilized when you post your pictures of old memories on Friday.



Here jj is meant to be said for the popular Instagrammer Josh Johnson. There is a governed principle to this shortening. The thing is that in the time that you post one picture utilizing this sort of hashtag then you need to throw a comment on two others and like three different pictures. This is supposed to be for the reason, which is an approach to acquire supporters and get to be known in the community of Instagram.

#MCM and #WCW

Here MCM is written in hashtag when you mean to say for Man Crush Monday. This is utilized for pictures which are posted on Monday and contains the photo of your most loved person you have a crush on.
Nevertheless, WCW is said for Women Crush Wednesday. This contraction is utilized for pictures of ladies which users post on Wednesday whom they really like and having them as a crush in their life.



GOTD remains for Gram Of The Day. It is utilized as a part of those photographs for which a man feels that is it’s their best photograph of the day. It is an incredible hashtag to utilize when you need to outline what you’ve done all along the day or to indicate something sudden that has happened and you’ve taken a decent picture of it.
So also, POTD is abbreviated for Photo Of The Day. On the off chance that you post a photo which you believe is one of your absolute best at that point utilize the abbreviation POTD.


TT is abbreviated for Transformation Tuesday. This shortened form is utilized for those photographs of Instagram clients who have changed their body towards the good physique. It is a meaningful hashtag and is utilized enormously by the bodybuilding business.



OOTD is abbreviated for Outfit Of The Day. if it is the case that your outfit is sufficiently stunning to fill your heart with joy at that point share it with the hashtag #OOTD. It is an extraordinary hashtag in the event that you extremely like form and needs to acquire peoples to follow you on Instagram.


GF is the contraction for Global Family or Gang Family. It is really a group which stretches out its help to all the skilled picture takers all through the world. Exceptionally helpful on the off chance that you extremely like photography and might want to acquire supporters that can value the work that you do with the camera showing your skills.

#F4F and #S4S

These two hashtags are particularly indicated if you want to have increased number people to follow you. Here F4F remains for Follow for Follow, is mainly used in case if somebody needs to follow you so that you should follow them back.
Like this one, S4S intended for Shoutout for Shoutout. It is utilized when someone requests that you follow someone in particular in return for your fans to follow that individual.

#YOLO Abbreviation on Instagram


It may be the most understood short form in all circumstances, YOLO which implies You Only Live Once. Use this sort of hashtag in the picture where you are completing a challenging movement or a fun action, after all, that’s existence without a touch of experience and fun since you just live once.

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