Different Uses for Corn flour

The other name of corn flour is corn starch. Corn flour has many uses, especially in the kitchen. Corn flour is widely used in almost all baking products such as cakes, pizza dough, doughnuts and many others. People having coeliac diseases use corn flour in their daily food because corn flour is gluten free which is very good food for coeliac patients. You can also use corn flour and water to clean different household products mentioned in the article.

Different uses for corn flour

Corn flour has many different advantages we just need to know the right use of it. So, here on tape daily.com, we are providing you many different and efficient uses of corn flour.

Important uses of corn flour

  • Corn flour is widely used in the kitchen; it is used in pasta, bread, cakes. Corn flour is rich in fiber which helps the human body to lose weight. It is also used to reduce weight as it controls hunger and when you eat something made of corn flour makes you feel full for longer period of time so you don’t feel hungry. Corn flour also helps you to relieve constipation.

corn flour is used to make breads

  • Corn flour is not only used in the kitchen but it is also used to remove different oil marks from the surfaces. If you have deliberately stained your leather sofa with oil then you need not worry. Put corn flour over the stained area and leave it for a single night to act. Then in morning take a soft bristle brush and rub the stained area with it in circular motions. You will notice that the stain has left the sofa completely.
  • If your old furniture or floorboards is making a different type of squeaking noises then add corn flour to the gaps. Corn flour will help to reduce noises. Corn flour is also used to remove wax from wooden products you just have to put cornflour over furniture for great final look after spraying wax on it.

Corn flour and Water

  • If you want to clean glass surfaces then corn flour and water can also do this for you. Just prepare a mixture of corn flour and water, and then add white vinegar and few drops of lemon juice in it. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and then put this spray on the dirty glass surface to clean all dust and dirt from it. After spraying that solution on glass, clean the glass with the help of newspaper.

Corn flour is used to clean glass

  • Corn flour is also used for regaining the brightness and luster of old silver products which is lost by the time. For this prepare a solution of corn flour and water, mix both ingredients well in a deep bowl. Then put old silver products in it, dip them for hours and then dry them with the help of the soft cotton cloth. You will notice a glow on the silver products like a new one.
  • You can easily remove blood marks from your garments with the help of corn flour. Removing blood stain is quite a difficult task but it is not impossible to remove. For this, prepare a thick paste of corn flour and water; apply this paste to the stained area. After that leave it for some time to act and let it dry. Then rub the stained area with soft bristle brush after some time, and then wash the garment as you normally do and you will notice that the stain has left the garment completely.

corn flour is used to remove blood stains

  • Corn flour also helps you to remove ink stains. Ink stains are also very critical to remove from the garment especially if the garment is white in color. For this, prepare a mixture of corn flour and milk; apply the thick paste on the stain. Leave it for few hours to act then rub the stained area with a soft bristle brush in circular motions. Then you can wash the garment as you normally do in the washing machine.

corn flour is used to remove ink stains

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