Words To Use For Dog Commands

If you have decided to adopt a dog then it is very important for you to spend some time with your dog to teach them certain actions and command words. There are some basics pet commands which every dog owner must know to train there dog. once you are done with these basic commands you need to teach your pet some advance level commands which give your pet higher level of structure and order. Dogs are very intelligent and according to a research, dogs are intelligent enough to build up a vocabulary of up to 60 words.

Basic Command

It is important for you to not underestimate the learning ability of your dog. one advantage of teaching your pet is that you can control the behavior of your pet. In this article, we will give you an idea of how certain words are important for training dogs.

Choose a Right command for dogs

It is important for you to start training your pet as early as possible because puppies struggle in the early stage but as you teach them they develop. At an early stage, you can give them some basic commands and as they grow so do the commands become advance.Either you have a puppy or adult dog you must choose words carefully while training your pet. Here is the list of some basic command words for your pet.

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  •  First of all the word you choose must end with a hard constant such as C, T, X or K. This gives your command a hard finish which helps the pet to distinguish commands more easily.

Choose Command Words

  • Use the short word for commands having a single syllable. You must select one word for one action and be consistent with that word. Remember do not repeat the word because it can confuse your pet. The dog must associate with that word to perform action instantly.
  • Words should not be too common, try to avoid choosing words which you often use at home or while using a phone because your pet hears these words, again and again, therefore, dogs will not associate these words with the right word or they will get confused.

Command Words for beginners

If you teach your pet commands then it is not only beneficial for you. It gives you power and control over your dog and gives you essential mental and physical simulation. Teaching command words to beginners strengthens the bond between owner and pet which ensures safety in case of difficult situations.

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Here is the list of command words which you can use to teach pets basic respect and to discipline your dog.

  •  Sit: This word is helpful in building to good behavior in your pet and gives them a message do not jump or run around you. This word tells your pooch to sit down immediately and stop whatever he is doing.
  • Stand: This word give your pet a signal to stand up if your pet is sleeping or sitting down. It is important for dogs to be in a standing position like during teeth brushing or during the veterinarian checkup. Whenever your dog hears this word they must stand still.

Teach Your pet

  •  Stay: this word helps your dog to be in Self-controlled in case your pet is hyperactive.
  • Watch Me: This word is used to get the attention of your dog, once you get your pet’s attention then you can start teaching them.
  • Come: in case your bet goes away from you then you can call him back by using this command, this word is very helpful to protect your dog from getting into a fight.
  • Heel: this command is used to ask your pet to walk beside you. This command helps to improve your pet’s behavior and it maintains their safety.
  •  Wait: if your dog continues to follow you into your room then you can use this word to ask them to wait. This command will teach a dog to stay in their current position and do not run away through the public doors, store entrances etc.
  •  OFF: use this command to ask your pet to get off something such as home furniture or person etc.

Advance Commands

  • Drop it: use this word to give instructions to your pet to drop something which is not good for your pet.
  •  Crate: you must arrange a specific place for your pet in homes like bed, carpet, blanket or crate. Use this command to tell your pet move to this specific area.

Some Advance level Command words

Once you teach your pet basic commands then you can teach them some advance level commands. Some of the advance commands are following.

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  • Stop: This command is used to stop dogs whatever they are doing.
  • Speak: when you want to alert someone or want to make a noise then use this command which tells pets to bark.
  • Steady: use this command to control the behavior and temper of your pet.
  •  Shake: use this word when you want your pet to offer its paw or shake hand.
  •  Fetch: use this word during playing with them such as when you through a ball in the backyard then use fetch which tells dogs to bring the ball.

Take Care of your Pet

  • Whenever you feed your dog you must consider the age of your pet and give them food according to their age so that you do not overload them and they get the necessary food they require.

Train Your pet

  • The dog’s strength not only depend upon them but a good diet also helps in preventing bad breath, therefore, it is recommended always buy premium brand food for your pet which contains all necessary ingredients like nutrients and vitamins.
  • This article is only based on providing basic information, Tryarticles does not have any authority or responsibility to prescribe any medicine or treatment we strongly recommend you to take your pet to vet in case of any type of pain or condition your dog to have.q

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