Why does my Dog Shed so Much?

If you have a dog in your house and you find out your dog hairs are shedding then you must get alert and pay special attention to your pet’s health as there are many factors which can cause hair loss in dogs. Some of the common factors are allergies, stress, an improper diet or it can be due to hormonal changes which cause dog shed hairs.

Dog Shed

The best way to stop dog shed hairs is by knowing the cause of the problem if you know the reason then it is easy to stop this disease before it gets worse. You must also know that dog shed hair twice in one year which is natural so keep reading this article we will explain to you why your dog shed hair so much.

  • In case your pet shed hair, then the reason behind it can vary according to the origin in which you are living and the environment you keep your pet. Some of the most common causes of dog shed hairs are following.

Effect of environment

  •  Diabetes or scabies is one of the worse diseases
  • An unbalanced diet can also be one reason in which your pet does not adapt to the meal you provide them.
  •  Allergic dermatitis is another common reason for shedding hairs in dogs.
  •  sometimes the problem is psychological which are very complex to treat, like your pet suffering from anxiety or your dog is suffering stress which causes the hair fall out.
  •  Hormonal changes is another reason behind the dog shed hairs and it is observed that pregnant bitches are the victims of this disease.
  • Hair shedding can also be due to your own dogs action like when they scratch and licks the area compulsively. If a dog is suffering from a disease like scabies which causes the discomfort and itching cause to loss dogs hairs as dogs itch a lot in this disease.

hair loss

  • When a small breed of dog given a vaccination then they can suffer from hair lose this condition is scientifically known as the “post-vaccination alopecia” in case your dog is suffering from these types of symptoms then you should try to avoid vaccination.
  • There are different breeds of dogs which naturally suffer the hair loss for example bulldog and the boxer breed dogs have very sensitive skin therefore likelihood of getting allergies is very high among these dogs which affect the skin.

Sensitive Skin

  • Dog shed hairs can also be due to the seasonal alopecia which affects the dogs later in the year when there is very less sunlight like autumn and winter. When these seasons pass so this disease goes away.
  • Remember dogs naturally shed hairs twice in one year, in cold pet do not shed hairs but when the hot summer comes then dogs hair start falling off naturally.
  • Keep it in mind food is very important for your dog’s health in case you do not follow the given guidelines then you dog shed hairs. One of the most common causes of losing hairs in a dog is unbalanced diet due to which dogs do not get the necessary nutrients they need.

Unbalance diet

  • You can take your pet to vet and get a chart of food which you can feed your pet accordingly which strengthens your pet fur.
  • If you are unaware of this disease or confuses then take your pet to vet and consult with him and find out the cause behind the dog shed hair. Vet doctor will prescribe some medication for your pet which will overcome this situation.

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