How To Dress Boho In Winter?

Boho, short for Bohemian is to dress up whimsically. Loose and baggy clothing. A dressing up style that has more than just a 70’s vibe to it.  Although it’s tricky to pull off, there is nothing that can’t be achieved.

People who dress up in boho style, give off the image of being closer to nature, soft personalities… but that’s not a given. It’s just how the boho style is themed. If you’re looking forward to looking boho in winters, this Try Articles article’s got you covered!

Dressing up in boho styles in winters

Boho Maxi Dress

A fine printed maxi dress, that doesn’t include too much fabric would do best to achieve the shabby look. Anything too poofy would kill the earthy vibe.  Prints inspired by nature would be perfect. Geometric patterns that portray you belong to some tribe would be the classic representation of a boho look.

Cardigans And Sweaters

Thick, wooly cardigans are what styles the boho outfit well when it comes to layering clothes. Sleeveless knitted sweaters are another option. Ponchos with tribal patterns are very boho as well.

The Suede Fringed Waistcoat

If you truly love the bohemian vibe, then you must invest in a suede fringed waistcoat. Caramel, black, khaki and coffee colored one’s aid most outfits. So any out of these will help you acquire a chic boho look.

Boho Skirts

Bohemian long skirt

Coming over to styling the bottom of our boho outfit, once again we don’t want anything poofy here. Skirts stitched with a single piece of fabric is your go to. They should be long enough to touch the ankles. We want to achieve a very earthy look. The skirt needs to be lightweight enough to sway with the motion of the wind. Do you get the picture? These can be styled further.

Let’s see how!

Solid Color

A single-tone, plain long skirt gives you plenty of options to wear with a top. You could pick either a printed top or a basic plain one. You can play with the colors as per preference.


Long skirts with floral prints give off a very nature-loving vibe and that’s exactly what boho dressing is all about. Different flower patterns,  leaves, and swirly twines all work well for this look.

Flared Jeans

So 70’s! We know, we know. But that’s the era where bohemian style caught up with its popularity. Flared jeans styled with a loose top or layered with a geometric pattern cardigan is a lovely bohemian look.

Boho Shoe Styles

To complete the entire look of any outfit,  shoes play an important role. For the boho look, we need to choose a style that compliments the shabby outfit.

Gladiator Sandals

These will probably go with your boho outfit more than any other shoe style. They effortlessly bring a very hipster vibe.

Slouchy Distressed Boots

Winters and boots, this is an easy pick. Go for neutral colored ankle high boots that aren’t too neatly made. We want that crafty handmade look in order to pull off the bohemian outlook.


Boho shoe style in wedges

These chunky shoes would pair best with flared jeans. If you’re short and want to achieve the boho look, wedges are calling out your name. They provide the boho look as well as make you a few inches taller. They come in a variety of colors, wedge sizes, and styles.

Head Wraps

These still seem to come back in fashion for summers, be it boho or not! But, we must oblige that they originated from the hipster branch of the bohemian style.

Head accessories for a boho look

Hippie Headbands

These are made out of thinnish elastic, with various embellishments on them, mostly nature inspired.

Flower Crown

Very hippie! These are made out of either fake flowers or real. Either way, they oomph up the entire boho look instantly.

Bolder Cloth Style

These can be your mini DIY as well. A cloth folded in bold folds is wrapped around the head and bow-tied wither on the front or the back of the head. You can leave some fringes coming out of the band or tie, your hair up in a high pony-tail. It’s fun to work around with this style! You can even couple this with a tight bun and still look boho chic. Options are endless. Be creative!

Floppy Brimmed Hats

Floppy brimmed boho hat

Of course, how can any boho look be complete without a floppy hat? Black and camel colors would go with almost every outfit so purchase both of these to style accordingly.

These come in various fabrics, like felt, straw, leather, thick linen. And they look best when worn with your hair down. These are very easy to style and inexpensive as well. You could easily manage to get new ones every season.

Chunky Jewellery

We need to dress up our face, hands, and neck in boho style too!

Chunky, bold jewelry is what speaks boho in volumes. Dangling feathery earrings,  arm candy made out of thick wooden beads and tassels ornaments for the neck.

Bohemian jewelry

There! We’ve achieved the picture perfect boho look!

You can play around with the jewelry. As far as its chunky, dangly and bold, you’re good to go.

We hope, this article gave you a good start on dressing up boho in winters. Let us know which styling part was your favorite to do. Our bet is on the jewelry!

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