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How You Support Emotional Health

Support Emotional Health

In an age of smartphones, DVRs, and instant messaging we often forget how important it is to know how you support emotional health. Emotional health refers to our ability to manage stress and distress both in our day-to-day lives and in the ones that lie ahead. Stress is not the preserve of the working woman or a person on the road. It is a universal experience for everyone. The question then becomes, “What can parents do to help their children?” Below are some suggestions.


One of the most effective ways to offer emotional support is to encourage communication between parents and their children. In our highly interactive global society where people communicate through mobile phones, texting, and social media, there has been a growing disconnect between the generations. In addition, many people suffer from a fear of vulnerability that is easily triggered by an argument with a loved one or friend. As a parent, your role is to be a confidante, a sounding board, and a loving supporter. Listen to your child’s fears and reassure them that they are unfounded.


Another way to offer emotional support is to model the behavior that you hope your child will adopt in response to stress. If you feel yourself becoming stressed at work or home, find ways to lower your levels of stress by exercising, taking a vacation, learning a musical instrument, or joining a support group. Practice yoga, practice meditation, attend AA meetings, or go for a walk. A weekly or biweekly basis, monitor how you are feeling physically as well as emotionally. Use any self-help programs on your computer to keep a log of where you are and what you are doing to stay in touch with your inner self and your personal growth.


It is important to show your child that you are open and comfortable communicating about any problems or concerns. It may take time but it is important to do this at every stage of your relationship with your child. Be patient with him when he asks you about things such as what you are eating or drinking. In time, you will become a trusted friend who will be able to share with him what you have learned and observed in your daily life and in the world as a whole.


Emotional health can be achieved by everyone but in order for this to happen on a daily basis, there needs to be a consistent effort on your part. Your attitude, reaction to stress, attitude, and communication with others plays a very important role in creating emotional health in yourself and/or your children. It is important to remember that we all react differently to what is stressful or not. The key is finding the formula that works for you.


When it comes to your parenting skills, it is important to support your children’s emotional health. Do not ignore your own feelings. You must learn to listen to your children. It is also important to take some responsibility for your own feelings and needs. Taking these steps will make you a better parent and will make you more effective at the same time.


When seeking support, you may want to join a local support group. There are support groups for virtually every situation and illness that there is. These groups are also a great way to meet others who have similar beliefs, values, experiences and goals. Through participating in a local support group, you will be able to build on your own emotional health while meeting others who have similar goals. How you support emotional health is also supported by these groups. The friendships that are formed may last a lifetime.


One of the most powerful ways how you support emotional health is through your family. It is imperative that you get a good balance of love and support. Too much of one thing will cause undue stress and worry and not enough of the other and your efforts will be wasted. It is imperative that both you and your spouse spend a lot of quality time together. Spending time with family members on a regular basis is a great way to strengthen your bond. This is true no matter what your situation is.

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