How To Eliminate Emotional Attachment?

When we are in a relationship, the easiest trap to fall into is an emotional attachment. It is the dependence which is created between two people and it means that they cannot be independent 100%.

To Eliminate Emotional Attachment

Due to this emotional attachment, the happiness of a person does not depend on himself, in fact, it becomes dependent on the relationship he maintains with the other person. Unhealthy relationships can be a double-edged sword because when things are not going great we can be depressed and feel empty.

Healthy relationships are those which bring more happiness to you. If you are having an unhealthy relationship and you are trapped by the emotional attachment, then in this article, we will describe methods to eliminate emotional attachment, so read the article till the end.

Am I Emotional Dependent?

Am I Emotional

Attachment can be of any type. Usually, emotional attachment is very common in any relationship. In fact, you can feel attachment for your house, for your city, for your work, for your clothes.  Sometimes, this emotion can prevent you from moving ahead and staying stuck in your comfort zone.

Before knowing the ways to eradicate emotional attachment you need to take a test to know if you have emotional dependence or not. Given below are some questions and you have to answer them honestly in order to get a truthful result. You can answer true or false to these questions.

  • I am very affected by the criticism of others.
  • I really care what they think of me.
  • I do not like to take the opposite because I do not like confrontations.
  • I do not share my opinions if they are different from the rest.
  • I find it hard to take the initiative when I am with more people.
  • I am afraid of losing my partner or friend and many times I suffer because of this thought.
  • When I am afraid or, I can easily be emotionally blackmailed.
  • It is hard for me to make decisions for myself.
  • I feel that I need that person to be happy.
  • I like to know where that person is at all times to ensure that he/she is okay.
  • I isolated a little from my friends or family.
  • I feel anxiety many times when I think about that relationship.
  • I usually feel sad.
  • I feel that I do not love myself too much, that I have low self-esteem.

If you have answered majority of the answers as true then you do feel emotional attachment and dependence on someone. If you have a tie in the true and false then you have to be careful. You need to change your attitude and behavior to avoid getting into a toxic relationship.

Tips To Eliminate Emotional Dependence

Once you have been honest to yourself and know that you do feel dependence on someone and it is pushing you away from your happiness and the goal you have always wanted, the next you have to take action to eradicate that emotional dependency to move on.

Given below are some tips which you must take into account in order to eliminate emotional attachment.

Increase Your Self-Esteem

Increasing Self-Esteem

The main reason we hook people is that we feel stronger and secure in their company. But this is totally wrong because security and feeling of being loved have to be born from within, it should not be related to someone or something external to us.

Therefore, the first step you have to take is to love yourself more, dedicate time to yourself and forgive your failures, as well as recognize your virtues. The change begins with yourself so give yourself the value and love you really want hence you will not need others to reinforce that positive image of yourself.

Learn To Be Alone

Learn To Be Alone

In order to eliminate emotional attachment, you must know how to be with yourself. A person who compulsively escapes from loneliness is because due to this attachment he can’t spend time alone even if he gets some free moments he begins to chat on phone with that person.

Remember that you will learn to be happy only when you will spend time with yourself. We suggest that you spend more time in solitude and make peace with yourself. Others can help you in a timely manner to overcome the problems of the life but, in the end, it is you who have to heal wounds.

Be Clear About Your Objectives

Be Clear About Your Objectives

Do not be one of those who lose sight of their personal goals and their purposes in life due to emotional attachment. Normally, such person clings to the goals and desires of his loved one and drop out before the joint plans.

Note: This is the thing you must avoid to the fullest. Be clear about your objectives and never compromise on them.

Learn To Be Assertive

Learn To Be Assertive

In order to recover your personal and emotional independence it is essential that you dare to be who you are. Do not be afraid to say what you think and what you want.

Many times, the presence of another person can make us feel small. But it is important to avoid this feeling of inferiority and reaffirm your personality and your opinions.

Get Away From Your Partner

Get Away From Your Partner

If you think you are dependent on your partner, try to distance yourself from him/her. Dedicate time to be alone with yourself and avoid being with the phone all day. Recovering your own life will help you to be able to disconnect from your partner and re-sanitize the relationship.

Note: To eliminate emotional attachment it is recommended to have a life of your own. It is good to have common goals but if for those goals you have to let down yourself, immediately separate yourself from unhealthy relationships.

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