Good Exercises To Straighten Your Back

Your back is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. It consists of a series of disc-like bones, placed one on the other. It is the home of the sensitive nervous system, the spinal cord. So, protection of this area is very important. People often complain about the pain in the back, which hinders the normal movement of the human body. Pain in this area may also lead to some very serious medical problems.

Straighten Your Back

One needs to consult the physician in such event, without any delay. However, there are some useful exercises which, if done correctly, can eliminate the normal pain in your back. In fact, the back needs to remain as straight as possible to avoid any injury or pain in it. Normally, our walking and running style, our sleeping posture and above all our sitting style has a great impact on the overall status of this important part of our body.

The specifically designed exercises for straightening the back to avoid pain, coupled with the change in our sitting and sleeping posture, can be helpful to protect this part of the body. Here we suggest various techniques and exercises that are considered to be Good Exercises to straighten your Back.

Exercise # 1

Place an exercise mat on the floor. Lay down on your back on this mat. Raise up your knees towards roof while feet anchored on the mat. Feet should be just closer to your buttock but not touching it. Arms should be alongside the body, fully stretched. Now lift the hips up, straightening the entire body in one line, through the squeezing of the buttock. Maintain this posture for a while and then return back to normal position. Repeat for 10-15 times to get a nice impact on your back.

Exercise 1

This exercise is useful to mitigate the ill effects of bad sitting posture or sitting for long hours. Immense pressure is exerted on the back when you sit on a chair for extended hours. This exercise is specially designed to reduce the effects of long sitting. Once you are accustomed to this exercise and feel comfortable in doing it, you may enter into a little harder phase of it. You can do this exercise with one foot lifted upwards pointing towards the roof. This may be somewhat difficult, so be careful in doing that.

Exercise # 2

Lie down on the floor with entire body weight on palms and knees, while toes of feet touching the floor. The back, from head to the buttock will be raised up from the ground straight, no curves or bends in it. Once reached to this posture, extend the left leg back and right arm forward. Maintain this posture for few seconds. Repeat for 5 times.

Exercise 2

Then repeat the same with the right leg and left arm. This is a useful exercise for improving balance and better coordination of muscles, thus giving stability to the spinal region. It reduces the bad effects of normal walking, running or dancing or any other such movement, in your daily life.

Exercise # 3

Lie down on exercise mat, sideways, straighten your entire body and raise the upper body above the ground by placing your elbow on the floor, with feet touching each other. Make sure that the elbow must be in line with the shoulder. Now lift up your hip above the ground, steadily, while maintaining the straight line of the entire body. Maintain this posture for half a minute. Then lower down to the original position.

Exercise 3

After doing few repetitions, change the side and do the same with few repetitions. Once accustomed to this exercise and if you feel comfortable, you may enter into the next phase by raising up and lowering down the upper leg for few times. This exercise is beneficial for strengthening the back and improving the endurance, thus stabilizing the lower back, during the movements that involve frequent hip actions.

Exercise # 4

While contracting the abs muscles gently, take a big stride forward with your left foot, with hands on the hips. Doing so, your left knee will be touching the floor at the right angle. Now return back to original posture. Repeat the same for few times and then do the same with your right foot.

Exercise 4

This is a specially designed exercise that is helpful for controlling the body, thus protecting the spinal region, by reducing the effects of climbing upstairs or running. In the next phase, you can do this exercise with your hands on the back side of your head. It can also be done with weights.

Since you are working on your most sensitive part of the body, be careful in doing these exercises correctly, otherwise, you may hurt your spine. As we always emphasize, be consistent in your workouts, take care of your diet and take the assistance of a professional trainer if you feel anything going wrong.

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