How to Fight for a Relationship?

To maintain your relationship is not an easy job to do. Sometimes you have to fight for a relationship with your partner. It is a challenging task to keep yourself in a relationship with another person having a different personality. You have to take the risk to save your relationship. You cannot take this for granted.

Because it takes a lot of time to be in a relationship with someone of your type. To fight for a relationship, you have to go your partner to convince her to be on the same page with you. Everybody is watching you if you are in a good relationship.


Ask for forgiveness

You have to take responsibility for maintaining this relationship. It is on your shoulders to take it to the next level. You cannot simply take your partner into a fight with you. You have to be very careful. The relationship becomes worse if one or the other partner neglect other person feelings. This hurts your partner and then fight starts between the two.

If you see that you have hurt the emotions of your partner, then you can ask for forgiveness from your partner. But be careful you can expose yourself while apologizing to your partner.


Be a good listener

If you want to maintain your relationship with your beloved partner, you have to fight for it. You cannot expect from someone else to come and save you. If you wait for someone then you will lose importance in the eyes of your partner. Your partner will not take you seriously and then you cannot express yourself. So, you should be a good listener.

Allow your partner to be as free as bird with you. Your partner should be allowed to say all the matters of life. This will build trust between both of you.


Keep the doors open

If you pick a fight with your partner and you cannot control it then you should play safe with your partner. Because this will hurt your relationship and you will not be able to sustain yourself in the relationship. You should always keep the doors open for your partner. Do not close all the doors if you love your partner and wants to be with her. Because sometimes if you do not accept the apology of your partner then you lose control over the relationship.

Which is not a good sign for a relationship for which you have struggled. So you should not close doors for your partner if she wants to return to you whatever the case should be.


Get help from someone

If you see that you cannot control your relationship with your partner and it is destroying your life and relationship, then you should consult some individual having a lot of experience on this matter. You will find a lot of people around you. Some would be family members or friends, or some would be your teachers or neighbours. But you should get some guidance from someone which you think can bring change in your relationship and bring peace of mind to both of you.

Tell your counsellor every single detail about your partner. Tell him how you fight for a relationship, why you fight and how you lose control over your relationship. This will make it easier for someone to understand the true situation of your matter.


Search in the past

You should pay attention to the past while if you want to maintain your relationship. To fight for a relationship needs to understand that you do not want to lose your partner. This will hurt your feelings about her and you cannot live without your partner. If you want to convince your partner you should search for the past regarding your relationship and your partner.

How both of you come together, how you come close to a relationship with your partner? If you take it seriously and tell your partner, then she will understand your feelings about her. But this is not that easy as it looks.


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