What Heating System Is Most Efficient For My Home?

For the areas where the temperature drops considerably during the winter season, heating arrangements become the most important thing, especially for homes. In large buildings, the centralized heating system is in place that provides warm environment all around the building. But for separate houses, this is not an easy task.

There are many ways to keep a house warm during the cold season; each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. There may be some devices that cost you much on initial purchasing but are energy efficient. Contrarily, some gadgets may cost less but may increase the monthly utility bills. Similarly, some system or devices are meant for providing heat in the entire home, whereas some may be useful for an only limited area, or even for only one room.

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This diversity makes the selection of right one, more difficult. If you are residing in an area that has very cold or chillier weather, you may be facing this problem so often. Here we are suggesting some useful tips for you if you are wondering What Heating System Is Most Efficient For My Home?

What Options Are Available?

When selecting the most efficient heating system for your home, you have to consider all possible options that are available in the market. There may be several such systems or gadgets but what to choose depends on the size of your house and your needs. Further, it also depends on the level of coldness in your area or alternately how much heat you require.

Another important factor is the number of rooms and its location in the house. All these factors, when considered simultaneously, will enable you to decide what system or device you should install in your home. Amongst many options, we will discuss here the most common devices.

Gas Heater – If you are living in an area where natural gas is supplied at homes, the best option for heating is the gas heater. This is a low-cost item and more importantly, it is more economical in use. Normally the cost of gas is much lower than other energy sources, as such using the gas heater results in lower expenditure. Gas Heaters provide instant and maximum heat thus making it the best option for relatively colder areas.

These may be used consistently for a prolonged period without any considerable impact on your monthly expenses. A wide range of gas heaters is available out of which you can select one of appropriate size and capacity for your home. The best place to install these type of heaters in the living room. However being easier to install you may use it anywhere in your home.


Electric Heaters – Another viable option for heating your home is the use of Electric Heaters. The heat generated by this type of heaters is quite moderate; hence very effective for the areas where the temperature doesn’t drop so much in the winter season. These are safer as compared to the gas heaters. However these heaters consume a huge amount of electricity, thus increasing the expenditure.

It may heavily affect your budget if you have to use heaters for a prolonged period. Like gas heaters, these are also very easy to install and handle during usage. There are many models of electric heaters. Some are portable and can be used anywhere. However, when selecting one for your home, do consider its power usage so that you may not be surprised by your utility bills at the end of the month.

Heat Pump – This is also a good option for use in limited areas, as these are meant for providing heat on a specific point. These are low cost; hence affordable. Moreover, cost less on your expenditure.

Oil Heating – Although quite frequently used in colder areas, these are not suitable for small houses. You need some extra space for its installation and that too outside your living area, such as an open space alongside your house. Space is required for construction of oil storage and to prepare a fire unit. That restricts its utility to some extent. But if you have the required space available near your house, this is perhaps the most efficient way of heating your home.


When heating your home, efficiently, effectively and economically with a low budget, only the selection of right devices will not serve your purpose. You may have installed the best heating system in your house but if your house is not properly insulated against the leakage of heat and penetration of cold from outside, you may end up with higher expenses and lower performance of your heating system.

That’s why it is highly recommended to insulate your home so that cold may not penetrate inside and heat may not go out. This will enhance the performance of the heating system on one hand and lesser usage of heating resources on the other hand. So, select a device that suits you best, keeping in view the recommendations of this article.

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