How to Know How Many Megabytes WhatsApp Uses

Whatsapp is one of the social media apps which is catching fire, also it is was the work of art for the modern technology. Keeping aside the fact that WhatsApp is one of the most used social services these days, the consumption of technology is also crucial these days. As we talk about the consumption then,  you might want to know how many megabytes WhatsApp uses. Whatsapp might seem for many of you as the cheaper app to communicate. so, let’s talk about how many megabytes Whatsapp uses.
This might be a free messaging and video calling service for you, but it need’s an internet connection. It could be either the Wi-Fi connection or the mobile data connection. There might be any reason why you want to know that how many megabytes WhatsApp uses. This might be due to the reason that you are losing your megabytes within no time and want to know that is it the WhatsApp which consume much of it.
In case you are using your WhatsApp on wifi then it’s not a headache for you because it won’t bother you much. But, if you are using it over your data plan then it might worry you a lot. In this article, we will help you with the way how you can get to know the number of megabytes WhatsApp uses.

Steps to Know How Many Megabytes WhatsApp Uses

  • So, beginning the procedure to know the number of megabytes WhatsApp uses on your mobile phone. To do so, you should launch your WhatsApp application. In finding how many megabytes WhatsApp uses we’ve seen the difference in method, as the updates are made in WhatsApp. But now it is present in the separate folder.


  • If you are using the android device or windows phone then you should go to setting. On reaching there you will be provided with several options. Before moving ahead to find there will be another option for seeing the data usage.
  • Again on reaching there you will have many options regarding the Data Usage of WhatsApp. There you will also be provided with the option if you want to download multimedia over wifi or your mobile data plan. if you see at the top you will have an option of Network Usage.

Data Usage about how many megabytes WhatsApp uses


  • Now Click on that to see how many megabytes WhatsApp uses. There you will be able to see how many megabytes WhatsApp uses, you can see there the fi count of messages you have sent and the calls you have made through the WhatsApp application. If it’s over to your data limit then you could restrict it over to your wifi connection.
  • Since there is no much difference between the WhatsApp on Android and iPhone but there are some slight changes you will notice when you are using the iPhone. The storage method for iPhone is different from the android. iOS not only tells the number of texts you’ve sent but also the number of messages sent to the individual person. This makes it easy for you to remove them.
  • To find this in whats app you have to follow the same procedure as told above but the Network Usage setting will be on the bottom of your screen.
  • All of that is pretty much same in android and windows phone as well. The important thing to be noted is when you make a call over your mobile data using WhatsApp then it would consume around 1.4 MB per minute. This is both for incoming and outgoing calls, so it is recommended that only receive/make calls over wifi.

incoming and outgoing calls to know megabytes whatsapp uses

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