How To Charge An Electric Car At Home?

Electric Cars (also called EVs) are gaining popularity due to many factors such as being environment friendly, less maintenance requirements and better performance. While the traditional cars and vehicles need gas, diesel or patrol for running the engine, the electric cars need no such fuel. These run on pre-charged batteries just like your laptops and mobile phones. Instead of refueling your car, you just need to recharge the batteries of your electric cars.


Electric cars are still undergoing a development phase and we may see some new improved versions of such cars in the coming years. However, as of today, these are quite successfully being run in many parts of the world. Contrary to refueling your car with patrol or gas, which takes just a few minutes, recharging of batteries of an EV needs hours to get fully charged and be prepared for your next drive. Hence the recharging of an electric car is much an important task, which may take some 8-10 hours in a stretch.

So, if you are planning to replace your existing car with a new electric car, you must be wondering “How To Charge An Electric Car At Home?” If so, this article may help you a lot. Although there are charging stations available in different areas where you can get your car charged on payment, it is very easy to do it at your home.

Time Required To Charge An Electric Car

A very common question frequently asked by the people is how long it takes to charge an electric car. The time required to charge an electric car depends on many things, such as the type and capacity of the batteries, make and model of the car and the charging point being used to charge the car.

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In short, charging the batteries of an electric car may range 8-12 hours and as less as half an hour for a full charge. Obviously the time depends on things as mentioned above.

When To Charge The Electric Car?

Ideal Time for charging your electric car is the night time. Normally, you have to drive your car for going to your office or place of business during day time, as such it is ideal for you to charge the car during the night at your home, so that it is ready for use the next morning.


However, depending on your requirement, it can be charged anytime.

How To Calculate The Time Required For Charging?

Some manufacturers have developed simulators that are helpful in calculating the charging time for the batteries of the electric cars. But there is a simple formula that you can use to calculate the time at your own.

  • Calculate the Load Power of your battery. P = U x I (where P stands for load power, U for Volts and I for Amps). For example, if your battery is of 16 amps and voltage supplied at your home are 230 Volts, the load power of your battery is 16 x 220 = 3520 W.
  • Convert the Load power (W) of your battery into Kilowatts (KW). For doing this, divide the Load Power with 1000. If your battery is of 3520 Watts, it means 3.5Kilowatts (3520/1000).
  • Finally divide the figure with Power of the battery, to get the estimated time required to charge your battery. If the power of your battery is 24 KW, the time required to charge it will be 24 x 3.5 = 6.85 hours.

How To Charge The Electric Car At Home?

A charging gadget / device is always provided by the manufacturers of electric cars with a specific cable that can be attached with the Standard Wall Outlet of electricity supply in homes, usually a three pin socket. This device is supported with a safety mechanism to avoid overheating, which may result in extra time required for charging.

Normally, you can charge your electric car using either of the following methods.

Regular / Domestic Charging

In most parts of the world, home supply of electricity is of 220-230 volts, whereas in some areas, it is 110-120 Volts. The manufacturers supply an adapter with a cable that can be used with the 220-230 volts electricity supply, through a plug and socket. This will take around 8-12 hours for a full charge. Just plug the adapter in wall outlet socket and connect the cable with the battery. Wait for around 8 hours to 10 hours and your car will be ready for a drive.


Fast Charging

However, you may also increase the speed of charging by making some alterations in electricity system of your house. You may increase the voltage from 230 to 500 volts, thus reducing the time by half the original time. But for doing so, you need to take the assistance of an authorized electrician who can make the required changes in the charging point to provide 500 Volts of electricity. This is however, not recommended for homes; instead it is used in the charging stations under the supervision of trained technicians.


In addition to the above charging options, there are more professional options available at Charging Stations, situated somewhere near your home. Using these facilities your car can be charged in 30 minutes as well. But it will cost you much, as it requires extra ordinary heavy electric power.

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