How To Grow Blue Roses?

Blue Roses are not naturally grown flowers but they are the human creation and a variety of flower. They are very beautiful and good looking roses with the popularity of decoration and gifting. These flowers are patented by a Japenese Company and they modified them genetically.How To Grow Blue RosesTo know how to grow them at your home is an exciting idea because they can be helpful for you to decorate your garden and terrace with such a beautiful specie of roses. There are some steps which you need to follow while growing blue roses at home for the best result. TryArticles is giving you the opportunity to get the knowledge of those steps completely.

Obtain The Modified Blue Flower

Once you start the process of growing blue roses at home, you need to obtain a modified blue flower that you can find at the garden stores or online. It is not important that from where you have obtained one but the important thing is that must be fresh and healthy. Otherwise, it may not possible for you to grow them at your home.Genetically Modified Flowers

The Best Season Of Growing Blue Roses

The best season of growing blue roses is most probably spring season. As you have obtained the blue roses, soak them in the water for at least one to two whole days so that they can regain their freshness and moisture. Now you can start the process of cultivation.

Fertilizing Of The Soil

At first, you have to check the area of your garden which is the best for growing blue roses because that would have enough sunlight and where the soil is drained well. Get the fertilizing products which are specially made for this type of flower, like a hoe.Fertilize Soil First

Process After Preparing Soil

Make small holes in the distance of two feet where soil can be added to create a heap on each hole. After heaping, add blue roses you purchased at the distance of 90cm from each other. Now cover the roots properly and give them water in a good amount. Repeat the process after two weeks by using a hose. Spray the roses after fifteen days so that the roses become fresh and moist and do this in the early morning.

Fertilizing Of The Roses

After three months of planting the flowers, fertilize the blue roses. For doing this activity you need to have the specific fertilizer which is used for the roses. You have to be careful about the weeds because if they grow up around the roses, they will stop the growth of these beautiful flowers. So, if you notice that they are sprouting, then remove them immediately.Fertilizing Of The Roses

Bouquet Of Blue Roses

When the Summer Season arrives, the blue roses will bloom and they will need to be pruned in around the mid of June. You need to cut the branches of the flowers and collect them to make a bouquet of blue roses which you can decorate at your home. This bouquet will be the unique addition to your home decoration.


It is important to recommend that blue rose is difficult to obtain for planting at your home. It is very sensitive and delicate flower which needs a lot of special care. It is not a strong flower, as you obtain the flower, you can grow it in your home. Blue roses are a beautiful addition to your garden with the combination of red, pink and white roses.

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