How To Make A Body Scrub With Sea Salt?

Salt! Mother nature’s gift to mankind. Sea salt naturally collected from the sea, has an array of benefits! One of which is exfoliation! Yes, salt doesn’t only belong in your scrumptious recipes!

After reading the benefits and some crazy good DIY recipes in this Try Articles article, you’ll be running to the kitchen to start immediately!

Making scrubs from sea salt

Why Sea Salt For Exfoliation?

There are many other exfoliating substitutes, like sugar or microbeads so then why salt? That’s because of their inbuilt property to detoxify your body. Salt helps unclog pores and clears your skin from toxins. So it’s not only working to remove the outer layer of the dead skin. It’s actually penetrating into your pores and cleaning out thoroughly.

Salt particles have the perfect edges that give proper friction for exfoliation. They are abrasive yet gentle for the skin. Your iodized salt may not contain the same properties as sea salt. Anything gone under any chemical reaction loses its natural benefits. So, using anything in its raw form is the most beneficial.

Let’s head onto some exfoliating techniques, that will help you get the best out of using your sea salt scrubs.

Exfoliation Techniques

It is important to warn you not to use salt on your face. Never on your face! It is too harsh for the skin on our face. It can cause sensitivity and unbearable irritation.

Exfoliating On Dry Skin

If you’re going all in with the scrubby dubby business, you ought to exfoliate on dry skin. This means you exfoliate without getting the skin wet. Take a stool and sit in your shower. Take some scrub in your hands and directly rub it on your skin. This is the most you can get out of exfoliation. You will feel the grains against your skin more than you would if your skin was wet. That’s good! Shed those pesky little dead cells off!

When you’re done, take a regular shower. It’s best to use lukewarm water for this. It helps the salt particles melt off of your skin very easily. Apply a good moisturizer to keep that new skin soft.

Exfoliating On Wet Skin

This technique is rather mild than the former. You wet all of your skin or the area you want to perform exfoliation on. Then take some sea salt scrub and rub it on your skin. This will help the grains move much faster and will be less abrasive. The film of water between your skin and the grains causes it to slip and move around effortlessly.

Follow with a hot shower. Don’t forget to lather on moisturizer to protect your renewed skin.


This is a very vital point when it comes to exfoliation. You need to put ample pressure and move in circles at the same time. Going across in circular motions helps with the blood circulation and relaxing the muscle tissue. Do clockwise, then do anti-clockwise. Use your thumb to massage your shoulders. Keep the pressure on the tips of your fingers rather than the whole finger. It helps with proper pressure placement.

Time Duration

After you’ve become proficient in massaging, the time you spend on massaging is the next vital thing. It is optimal to massage until the grains start to disappear which they will due to constant friction. A good 15-minute massage to the entire body except the face is an optimal time frame. If you find the exfoliating task too harsh, you may decrease the amount of massage time. Your call! Just make sure to massage for enough time to reap out the benefits.

Your stubborn flaky dry skin can now say good-bye! Salt scrubs have got you covered, especially in winters when the skin is most uncooperative.

We’re sharing some of our best recipes for sea salt scrubs. you will surely fall in love with all of them!

Calming Chamomile Scrub

Chamomile is known to reduce inflammation, help with depression and anxiety. It is also a star player in soothing muscle cramps! So, if you’re an athlete or someone who’s always on the run, this one’s for you!

Calming body scrub


  • Coarse Sea Salt — 1 Cup
  • Sweet Almond Oil — 2 Tbsp
  • Coconut Oil —  ½ Cup
  • Chamomile  Essential Oil — 15 drops


Measure out all the ingredients except the essential oil in a large bowl. Mix well with a wooden spoon. Once the oils and the salt have been thoroughly incorporated, add the essential oil.  Mix one last time. Your scrub is ready to use. Make sure you store it in a nice glass jar with a lid for a prolonged use of it. Take it with you to the shower and use it as you please. Use this once or twice in a week and enjoy soft supple skin.

Coconut Lime Scrub

Coconut brings in the moisture and the much required TLC (Tender Loving Care) after exfoliation, and there is nothing more refreshing than having it paired with fresh lime. This scrub will definitely fix your mood and your dry skin.

Let’s get into its making!

Scrub made from sea salt


  • Sea Salt — 1 Cup
  • Coconut Oil — ½ Cup
  • Coconut essential oil (optional) — 1 Tsp
  • Zest of Fresh Lime — 2 limes
  • Fresh Lime Juice — 2 Tsp


Start with acquiring the zest of the fresh limes by using a grater. Try to get as much green off from them as possible. It will make the end result aesthetically pleasing, aromatic and beneficial for your body.  Combine the salt with the zest and mix well with a wooden spoon. Add the coconut oil. Gently stir in the fresh lime juice.

Next, add the drops of coconut essential oil to increase the aroma intensity. The last step is optional. It’s totally up to you how strong or mild you want to scent your scrub. Transfer the scrub to a glass container with a lid and store it in the fridge till you hit the shower. Use one or twice a week to maintain smooth skin.

Charcoal Salt Scrub

Detoxifying Salt Scrub
Source: https://styletips101-com

Choosing charcoal for this one because charcoal elevates the whole idea of exfoliation by having natural detox abilities. It helps unclog pores and gives a deeper cleanse to the skin.

Let’s create this awesome scrub!


  • Sea salt — ½ cup
  • Coconut oil or Olive oil — 1/8 Cup
  • Activated charcoal powder — 1 Tbsp
  • Lavender essential oil — As per scent strength


Measure out all the ingredients in a medium-sized bowl. Stir well with a wooden spoon. Add lavender or any other essential oil of your choice. Mix well. Transfer it to a covered safe glass container. Pop it in the fridge or take it straight to your shower cabin for use. Use this scrub once weekly to stay squeaky clean and patchy-skin-free!

 I’m sure you’re ready to make not one, but all three of these scrubs right now! And if you do, please let us know and leave a comment below to tell us how good you found them!

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