How To Make A Cranberry Milkshake?

Nowadays you cannot rely on food and drinks you get from outside. Even though in this era it is hard to take time out to make yourself a decent meal or juice, we are here to make life easier and healthier for you. Let us take care of your diet. You should always include fruits in your diet and homemade juices are one of the perfect ways to use the fruits.

Juices are always on trend and refreshing regardless of your routine, weather, work. Milkshake is a healthy way to incorporate nutrition into your children’s diets. Cranberries are very beneficial for your overall health because of the antioxidant and astringent properties that they have. 

Cranberry Milkshake


You have to gather these few items before you can start making the tasty and healthy cranberry milkshake. It is very convenient and easy to make. Not only that, it consumes very less of your time in this busy life and it is also very healthy. All you have to do is procure these ingredients before we can lead you through the easy steps. 

  • 300 g (10.6oz) of cranberries
  • 100 g (3.5oz) raspberries
  • 180 ml (6.08 fl oz) milk
  • 75g (6.4 oz) of sugar (icing sugar works best)
  • A few drops of lemon juice

Interesting Fact About Cranberries

The best part is that you can store the cranberries and freeze them as well to use them later. You can either use fresh cranberries or frozen as well. You can swap cranberries with other fruits like blackberries or strawberries. The milk can be soy and sweeteners can be used instead of sugar, this will not affect the taste of the milkshake. 

Steps To Follow To Make Cranberry Milkshake

Once you have gathered the items we provided on the list, then you just have to follow these simple steps before you can enjoy the healthy and nutritious milkshake. Just follow these steps as they are. 


1.  Add Cranberries And Milk In A Blender

First of all, wash the fruit that you are going to use. Now place them in a container with an edge and then beat them after you have added the milk. Do it at medium speed for a few seconds. 


2. Add Sugar / Icing Sugar (More Preferable)

Keep on adding sugar while stirring. Keep stirring the texture to be consistently smooth. It is better for you to use icing sugar. If you do not have icing sugar then you can make your own icing sugar for consistently smooth texture. 

3. Add Lemon Juice As Per Your Taste

Now you can add few drops of lemon to your taste. This will add flavor to your milkshake. Now blend everything together. Now you can remove the berry seeds by straining or you can leave the seeds in as you like. Now place the milkshake in a jar and put in in the refrigerator to cool.  

4. Chill it Before Serving

After milkshake has been chilled, it is ready to serve.  

chilled cranberry milkshake

Milkshakes are very nutritious because they include milk with fruits. So, with one glass you can boost yourself with necessary vitamins for your body. You can enjoy these shakes whenever you want because you can freeze your berries as long as you want.

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