How To Make An Emergency Kit For Your Car?

Travelling, especially long distance travelling in your own car is always a nice experience. You can enjoy and have fun with comfort and ease. But this may end up in a bad day, when you are stuck alongside the road due to failure of your car or due to road blockage or any other such happenings. This may happen with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Therefore, it is imperative that an emergency kit must be on hand all the times, in your car. Having such a thing in your car may help you a lot, when stranded in car, away from your home or destination.

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While having an emergency kit in your car is so important, even more important is the list of items and gadgets that should be available in this emergency kit. In this article, we are suggesting the best possible inventory that you must have in your emergency kit. Let’s explore “How To Make an Emergency Kit For Your Car?”

There may be two types of items that you must have in your car, the first one, is some basic tools and gadgets that are normally supplied with the new cars, by the manufacturers. There are specified places in your car, where these items are hanged or placed properly. These may include, a tools kit, Fire Extinguisher, spare wheel and a jack.

Tools Kit

A Tools Kit, having few basic gadgets, is normally supplied with the new car by the manufacturers. Before you start your journey, make sure that this Tools Kit is available and all the tools are intact. Regularly check and update this Tools Kit in your car. If any tool is missing, you may buy a new one; these are readily available in a nearby store.


Fire Extinguisher

A fire Extinguisher (obviously a small one) must always be available in the car. It becomes very handy at times. It is quite a useful item to have in your car, especially in the event of any sudden fire or smoke in your car.


Spare Wheel And A Jack

A spare wheel and a jack is also an item that is supplied with the new cars. Regularly check that these are available in your car, especially when going for a long drive, away from your hometown. Regularly check air pressure in the spare wheel. It must be in a good condition all the times, so that in case of need, it may run good distance before you reach the nearest facility.


Spare Jumper Cables

Having a couple of Jumper Cables in your car may prove quite handy at times. Prefer to have a cable of at least 10-15 feet long.


While the above are the items that are normally supplied with the new cars, following items are required to be gathered by yourself for your car.

First Aid Box

The next important thing you must have in your Car, all the times, is a First Aid Box. This is quite a useful thing which must be ready in your car, all the times, especially going for a long distance journey to cope with any unforeseen incident.

Following items must always be available in your First Aid Box.

  • Medicine Tape (Adhesive Tape).
  • Bandages.
  • Pair of scissors.
  • Gauze Pads.
  • Antiseptic Wipes.
  • Pyodine.
  • Antiseptic Cream or Ointment.
  • Pain Killer Medicine or Spray.
  • Aspirin.
  • Any other emergency Medicine that you or any of family member have to use so often.


The above is a basic list of items, a First Aid Box must have. You may add any other item as per your experience. However the important part of the First Aid Box is the replacement of expired medicines with the new ones. Regular checking of your first aid box will ensure your safety in the hour of need.

Sanitary Items

Things like, toilet papers, disinfectants, toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, baby wipes, soap and trash bags may be quite handy in the hour of need, though may not be required all the times. Other things that you often require during your daily routine, may also be included in this list. A separate box or container, with all such items placed carefully, may be prepared and kept in your car, especially before starting a long journey.


Food Stuff

Due to any reasons, you may get stranded on the road for several hours and you have no food stuff in your car, it may be a nightmare. So, advisable to have some reasonable quantity of food items in your car, when going for long journey. This may include the food items that are not perishable and may last longer. Juices, Drinks, Dry Fruit, Crackers or Candies may be a wise choice. Sufficient quantity of drinking water must also be available in your car.


In addition to the above, you may also keep some other items that may prove quite handy at times, such as:

  • Warning Reflective Triangle. A couple of reflective triangles in your car are important for your safety against the running traffic, especially when you have to park your car alongside the road due to any emergency. This will serve as a warning signal for other cars and vehicles coming towards you.
  • A fully charged Extra Cell Phone.
  • An Emergency / Flashlight.
  • A small Blanket.
  • Bug / Mosquito Repellent.
  • Pencil, Pen and a small notebook.
  • Magazine or Journals of your choice or any other books or novels.
Keep on updating your emergency kit and have a nice and safe journey.

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