How To Make Rice Flour?

Rice flour is very beneficial in ways that conventional flour is not. It is a very good alternative for those people who cannot eat gluten. It also provides various advantages for your skin. Moreover, it is free of those harmful and nasty chemicals which are present in conventional flour. Rice flour is kind of flour which is made from ground grains of rice, of either white or brown type.

How to make rice flour?

Items Required To Make Rice Flour

As we promise to make everything easier for you, you will not require many ingredients to prepare rice flour at home like many other recipes. We will also not offer you a huge list of items in order to ready the rice flour. This is all you need:

  • Blender
  • Rice

Steps To Follow To Make Rice Flour

It is very simple to make rice flour. Since your convenience is our top priority, we will introduce you to the way with which you can prepare rice flour at home very easily. As rice flour has many beneficial properties, you can follow these easy steps to make rice flour.

1. Selecting The Blender

Before you can begin making the rice flour, you need to make sure what kind of blender you have. If you want the best results, then we suggest being very much selective about your blender. You will want to have a blender which is very powerful. If your blender is not good enough then you will be disappointed later on.

Powerful blender

2. Kind Of Rice To Use

Now you have a variety of choice here. You do not necessarily have to stick to one particular kind of rice. Be it brown rice or white rice, you can choose whichever type of rice suits you the best. You do not have to worry and fuss much over one kind because both types of rice have equally beneficial on a cosmetic level.

3. The Quantity Of Rice

You might be thinking what is so difficult about grinding, then you are right. You can easily grind the rice but you advise you to follow the tips that we are going to provide you to have the best results. Firstly, you have to carefully monitor the quantity of rice that you are adding in the mixer. It is advised to add a small quantity of rice at a time or else the power of the flour will not be refined and the quality of the flour will be very poor.

Good quality of rice

4. Grinding The Rice

Now you have to add the rice to the blender. Once you have added the adequate amount of the rice in the blender then start the mixer to grind the rice. Let it grind for a while and keep checking the quality of rice flour. If you think it has not ground properly then try to mix it more till you get the fine powder.

Once you have ground the rice properly and it is available in fine powder you are good to use the rice powder because it has many benefits for your skin without any nasty chemicals.
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