15 Tricks You Can Do To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup & Without Makeup

Not everyone is born with bright and big eyes. But girls can look more canny and friendly with bigger eyes and prominent looks. You can easily make your eyes look bigger with and without makeup.

Bigger eyes are a symbol of youth, health and wide awake. Surely, everyone is not born with bigger eyes and that is where they play makeup tricks to look good. Here are 15 steps that you can take to makes your eye look prettier as possible.

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

Following are the few simple and easy tricks to make your eyes look bigger. Follow this guide to get good results:

How to make your eyes look bigger

Get A Smooth Start With Eye Pads

Puffy and wrinkled eyes do not look attractive. Adhesive eye pads are used to calm the swelling and inflammation in about ten to fifteen minutes. “What also works wonders is anything cold,” said Susie Sobel, the makeup artist.


You can try a bag of ice to cool down your eyes. You can also dab a primer that is silicone-based on crow’s feet to fill the wrinkles and soften that area of your eyes. This is a very useful trick and it shows good results.

Get Your Brows In Shape

Brushed, curved and properly made eyebrows create a favorable frame for your eyes. Anything that emphasizes your eyes will make them look bigger than ever before. People really use micro-blading these days, but using tweezer is also an easier alternative way.

Get Your Brows In Shape

Grab your extra hairs from the brows, clean the areas that are up and down of your eyebrows. Then fill in these gaps with a pencil especially used for eyebrows. Then take a spooley brush and comb them in a perfect curve or any shape that you desire.

Even Out To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

If you have got dark circles then your eyes may look even smaller. The perfect shade of the concealer can work on the discoloration and darkness around the eyes. It can also glow the entire area around the eye and draw attraction to the darker eyelashes.

Even Out To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Select a shade that is a bit warmer and lighter than your skin tone. It will help you to brighten and give a perfect blend to any purple or blue undertones. Blend with your finger and a sponge, around the eyes as well as eyelids to get a perfect base.

Draw A Tight Line Around The Eyelashes

To increase your eyelashes and frame your eyes. Apply a finely thin layer of black liquid liner along with the base of your upper lashes. Felt-tipped choices like Intensity Me or CoverGirl Liquid Liner gives rich and inky color and also gives precision and control.

Draw A Tight Line Around The Eyebrows

Bottom Out The Eyebrows

Drawing perfect seductive almond-shaped eyes is basically a breeze with the perfect technique. Take the eyeliner pencil to apply from the center of the lash line out, make it a bit thicker than the outer corners.

Bottom Out The Eyebrows

If it is too thick from the mid, you can get the panda eyes, which are not good looking. It does not always look nice and never give wide shaped lifted eyes from the edges. After that, you will smudge away the bad lines from the lashes with a cotton swab or use the makeup wipes.

Curl Up Your Eyelashes

Although every beauty junkie has at least one lash must in her makeup bag. But no doubt it is the step that people often forget about most probably during the night rush. It only takes an extra 20 seconds to curl up your lashes very easily with the curler.

Curl Up Your Eyelashes

To curl the lashes it can quickly enhance the area around the eyes. Yes, it will let your eye surroundings look bigger and more open. “If someone’s lashes are straight, it can cast a shadow on the eye area,” Sobel told.

Define Your Crease Of The Eyebrows

“I know it has been this way forever, but if you put medium brown eye shadow in the crease it is always good,” Sobel told. To stop looking like an old age star, you must use a fluffy brush to brush the matte formula in the desired shape from all the corners to the center of the eyes.

Define Your Crease Of The Eyebrows

Consider Color Around Your Eyes

Pencil eyeliners are very effective. But if you have already worn your brown or black eye pencils to nubs then you may be in a makeup color rut. Try to ease your way out with a navy liner like for shadows, shades such as aqua, pink or silver.

Consider Color Around Your Eyes

These colors look best on bare lids “with a lot of mascara and a groomed brow,” Sobel said. Lavender eye shades are all time brightening and flattering. Blend dark colors into the outward corners for an evening look. Avoid using matte formulas.

Apply Mascara Along Your Eyelashes

Apply the lengthening formula, along with the lower and upper eyelashes to create wide eyes. Now you will brush the thickening coat on the top for a more flirty look and battable lashes. Sobel said that she likes wands fixed with rubber bristle.

Apply Mascara Along Your Eyelashes

Just like L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Feline Mascara, grab it and use it for your lashes without clumping. For extra looks focus on an additional swipe near the mid of the upper lashline to draw the eyes upward.

Lighten The Waterline To Make The Eyes Look Bigger

Fill in your waterline with dark black liner to give a more sultry look paired with diffused and smoky eye shadow. It can also result in a smaller size around half of their actual size. If you want a bigger effect, then fill the water line with flat colors.

Lighten The Waterline To Make The Eyes Look Bigger

Bigger-is-better, which you already know is, then you must color your waterline with a white eye shade or pencil instead of using black or any dark color to make them look smaller or brightening.

Highlight Your Eyes To Look Bigger

A pearl highlighter or eye shadow applied on the center of both eyelids, inner corners and under the brow bones to make your eyes look awake and lifted. You can also check the rosy cream warm colors if your skin has pink undertones.

Highlight Your Eyes To Look Bigger

Golden shades also give a finishing touch to your olive and yellow skin. After that blend, an extra dot of concealer on the inside corners of the eyes. Also, apply a thick layer of some cream above the arches of the brows this can make a huge difference.

Lift The Brow To Frame Your Face

A well-managed pair of brows is so important for creating balance and peace of the face but also for highlighting your eyes. Check out the guide to find the right brow shape that will suit your face shape.

Lift The Brow To Frame Your Face

Important Tip: Instead of lowering the tale of your brow from the end, you can elongate it in a way that its tip flares out towards your ears. This can help to lift the brow to get a more young look on your face.

Conceal Dark Circles Around Eyes To Make Them Look Bigger

Bright eyes not just make your eyes look bigger but also open up your eyes to look more awake. Choose the shade of concealer one shade or two lighter. If there are dark circles around your eyes then you can use a peach-toned concealer which can easily blend the purple undertones.

Conceal Dark Circles Around Eyes

Baking your dark circles can also brighten up and help to prevent your eyeliner from smudging for the whole day. You just need to apply a thick coat of translucent powder under your eyes after concealer. Let it sit for 3 minutes then dust it off using a clean brush.

Wing Your Eyeliner To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Winged eyeliner will help in creating the mirage of bigger eyes. If your eyes are smaller then its better to avoid the heavy eyeliner on the upper lid of the eye as this will make them look smaller.

Wing Your Eyeliner

You can also draw a very thin layer above your lashes, tapping the eyeliner outwards of your lashes to create a flick. Check out the guide to know how to draw the sexiest wing to suit your eye shape.

Lift The Eyelashes To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Everyone knows that mascara makes a huge difference to your eyes, so just think how to bomb the right pair of false lashes can look. With false lashes, it is very critical to find the right style to complement the shape of the eye.

Lift The Eyelashes

Depending on the choices whether you have almond, deep-set, hooded or round eyes, you need a different lash. Otherwise, you can risk making your eyes look smaller. You may check the guide to choose the right lashes for your eye.

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