How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing?

The horrible feeling you get when your favorite shoe gives you bruises on your Achilles Tendon! Ouch!

But, what if we tell you that there is still a way that you can wear your beloved shoes? This is exactly what this Try Articles article is about! We’re discussing some tried and tested ways to prevent shoes from rubbing and hurting your feet.

How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing

A few checks to make before buying your shoes need to be made, let’s explore those and then hop on to prevention of shoe rubbing.

The Right Size

Right Size Of Shoes

This is a very critical point to note. A size slightly bigger shoe size will cause friction at the Achilles Tendon and that will cause a painful bruise to form. We need to make sure the shoe size is a perfect fit. Even a smaller shoe size can cause trouble to the feet. There should be enough breathable space and comfort in the shoe size you pick.

Walk In Them

Walking In Shoes

The best way to be assured about your shoe size is to wear them on both the feet and walk in them. Take a brief walk in the store. Some fast steps, some slow. This will give you an idea of how comfortable they are to wear and if they’re rubbing against any certain points of your feet. If you feel at ease, then know that you have found the correct shoe size for yourself.

If you already own a shoe and know it causes rubbing, there are still a few ways to work around it. Let’s explore, shall we?

Rub A Little Moisturizer

Rubbing Vaseline Behind Heels

Take a tiny amount of your favorite moisturizer or even vaseline works great. Rub it over the point that rubs against your shoe. This will help the area get a slip and decrease the friction. Once the friction decreases, the bruise will have a lesser chance to form and once again it’ll be fun wearing your favorite shoes.

Shoe Guards

Shoe Protector

These are usually available to the owner of the shoe store. You can always request for one. The function of the safeguard is to protect the feet from rubbing against the fabric of the shoe. It comes with one side as a stick-on and the other as a comfortable foamy fabric. The thickness of the shoe guard will not hinder your shoe size at all. Just stick the shoe guard in place and walk around in your favorites!

Freezer Tip

Shoes In The Freezer

We’re sure you haven’t heard of this one before. Let us introduce you to this bizarre tip for preventing your shoes from rubbing. What you need to do is, place your shoes in a plastic bag to prevent any damage from the ice or water. Keep them in the freezer for about two to three hours.

The shoes will be super cold, so pop some socks on and take the shoes out of the freezer. Wear them immediately. They will gradually come down to room temperature and during that entire time, they will take the most accurate shape of your feet. Walk around in them and see how much of a difference it has made to the rubbing problem.

Hair Dryer Tip

Expanding Shoes With Hair Dryer

The freezer tip was not the only bizarre tip we wanted to share! Here’s another one. Kind of a reverse of the prior mention freezer tip but holds the same concept. Wear a pair of socks, put the shoes on. Now turn on your hairdryer on a medium speed and medium heat setting.

Warm up the shoe until it can be easily deformed. The point is to help the shoe take the shape of our feet while we flex our feet in various directions to make sure all points fit well. The heat has made the shoe material soft and it’s easier for us to mold it in the shape of our feet. This should help stop hurting.


Band-Aids To Reduce Shoe Friction

You probably have heard of this one, but people use it after they’ve been bruised by shoe rubbing. We recommend you wear it beforehand. Any rubbing that happens would be against the band-aid and not your skin. You can always take the band-aid off once your feet are out of those shoes.

Duct-Tape Does It All

We all know how people use duct-tape for everything! Well, we’re here to give you one more reason! All you have to do is use the duct-tape as a shield between the shoe and your skin. Grab a piece of duct-tape and place it on the inside of your shoe. This way the duct-tape doesn’t show and the appearance of your shoe and the health of your skin stays safe.

Duct Tape On Feet

The other way could be that you stick the duct-tape on your skin that rubs against the shoes. Whichever floats your boat, go with that.

We hope this read proved beneficial to our readers. Do try out the two bizarre tips we mentioned. They work best with most people. Let us know in the comments below. As usual, your feedback at Try Articles is highly valued.

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