How to Tell if Broccoli Has Gone Bad?

Even if you do not like broccoli, then you should try to develop a taste for it because it is very healthy and nutritious. It has the very high amount of vitamins which makes it very salubrious. It is food which is rich in folic acid and it has high fiber content. You can only enjoy its benefits as long as it is fresh so, it is very important to know when the broccoli has gone bad which can even harm your body.


Steps To Follow To Tell If Broccoli Has Gone Bad

Check The Color

The very convenient way to check if the broccoli is still good is to observe the color. If the broccoli is green in color, then this indicates that broccoli is still fresh. But if you see that florets are becoming yellowish hue then this shows broccoli is going bad and it is not good to use anymore. Only consume broccoli when its color is dark green, only then it will offer you those nutritional properties.

Presence Of Mold

Another way to tell if broccoli is spoiled is to look for the mold. You should carefully observe every part of the broccoli and look for the signs of the mold. Few symptoms of the presence of broccoli is that is starting to make broccoli look yellow and it gives aberrant formations in its appearances.

As soon as you feel that mold is destroying the broccoli then you should get rid of that broccoli as soon as possible because instead of benefiting you, it will harm you more.

Molded broccoli

Texture Of Broccoli

There is another factor by which you can tell if broccoli is still good to be used. This factor is to check the texture of the broccoli. If it is going through the process of putrefaction which means that it is getting white or it has a slimy texture, then this shows that broccoli has gone bad and you need to get rid of it immediately as it is not healthy for you.

Texture of broccoli

Odor Of Broccoli

You can also tell if broccoli has gone bad by smelling it. If the smell of the broccoli is bitter and it smells a little harder than usual, then this is a clear indication that it is not good to use anymore. This is a sign for you to not consume it in any case because you will have to face the consequences later on. Broccoli should always smell fresh but if it does not smell fresh then you should get rid of it and throw it away.

Stem Of Broccoli

Yet another way to tell if broccoli is good to use is to check the stem of the broccoli. If the stem has become limp and very soft then this means that broccoli is spoiled and you cannot use it anymore. Fresh vegetables have a strong and firm stem. They do not have limp stems but if they do, they are not good to be used.

Stem of broccoli

You should make sure to store the broccoli properly to avoid the wastage of broccoli. But even if it is showing any of the signs that are mentioned above then you should throw it away and get fresh broccoli which has a green color, fresh odor, and texture. Once you identify that broccoli is fresh then you can enjoy it in various ways as you like it.
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