How To Write A Short Story Step By Step?

In a story, the writer uses a chapter which is significant or a story that they think is important. One of the most effective technique in literature is writing short stories. Short stories are very fun to read, people who hate reading long stories which seems boring are interested in reading short exciting stories which are fun to read.

How To Write A Short Story

In this Tryarticles article, we will help you in writing a short story, which is very simple and basic steps.

Step No.1

The first step of writing a short story is to think of a topic or of an issue or any purpose on which you will be writing your short story. What will be the title of the story? What will be the moral of the story? How will you convey your message? What will be the ending of the story? Think about its structure and gather some information.

Story pointers

Remember while writing any story there’s always a good beginning, a climax, and a perfect ending.

Step No. 2

Put your ideas on a paper, you should keep this in mind that you don’t need to close the doors of your imagination, good stories are often written when an unexpected turn comes in your story which seems fully natural. Write as you thought to, don’t be afraid to unleash your imagination. Don’t close the doors of your creativity, it is very important for writing a good story regardless of the genre.

short story

Read what you have written, it will help you take out your mistakes by yourself and you will be able to correct it if needed.

Step No. 3

For short stories, as it can be easily guessed by its name that you have to write your story in fewest possible words. Avoid repetition of words. Use good vocabulary and accurate words which describes the correct meaning of the word. Be careful using adjectives as they are not really important in short stories, use those which are necessary.


Adjectives are the hardest part of writing and if they are not used properly they can create confusion and can also change the meaning of the sentence.

Step No. 4

Again you are writing a short story so there is no need to write a very lengthy story, be on point avoid unnecessary information, write things relevant to the topic. Don’t include anything more than you need. Be precise. Read it aloud you’ll observe very unnecessary information, remove it and stay on topic, just make sure you completely deliver the moral of your story.

Step No. 5

Conciseness, ideas connected by verbs expressing movement, action, time and new circumstances, these are the main features of the short story which are important.

Writing a story

These were the steps to write a short story step by step. If you want to read similar articles browse our leisure category.

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