Can Dogs Get Human Cold?

In the winter season, cold effects the behavior of animals and human beings the sniffles quickly turn into sneezes and slightly tickle in throat leads to a cough. It is important for us to keep our family healthy and warm but what about dogs they are our family member too. In case you are wondering either dogs can get human cold or not, Read this article to know about it.

protect your dog from cold

if you are living in a cold place and want to keep your pet safe then you will be happy to know that germs which affect humans are different as compared to germs which affect animals beings. In case you have a cold then you do not need to keep your dog away from you, now let us look how dogs do get colds so that you can protect them.

Can Dogs catch Cold from Humans?

  • The answer to this question is No, but remember dogs and human beings both are susceptible to catch diseases but the germs are different for both. The virus which affects the human beings cannot survive in the body of dogs and similarly, a virus which affects dogs cannot survive in the human body except some diseases like Rabies.
  • Your dog does not get colds from you, therefore be relaxed about it but you must remember that dogs do not take care of themselves they can get a disease from other canine friends, therefore, it is your responsibility as a dog owner to take care of your pet.
  • We suggest you do not take your pet with you in parks or to the grooming center if your pet is ill. In this way, you can keep other pets safe too.

Humans and cold viruses

  • Most of the people do not understand the difference between human cold and dogs cold due to general similarity of there symptoms. Most of the signs of cold looks similar to each other like coughing and sneezing but remember the germs which are causing this problem are different for humans and for dogs. These germs are not transferable from human to dogs and from dogs to humans.

your dog does not get cold from you

  • The cold virus in humans is caused due to the coronavirus or rhinovirus whereas the cold in dogs is caused due to the combination of bacteria, like Mycoplasma, Pasteurella, Pseudomonas, E.coli, and Streptococcus.
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  • There are some other viral diseases in dogs which shows the upper respiratory tract symptoms such as the canine parainfluenza virus, canine reovirus, distemper virus and influenza virus.

Some Exceptions

  • Veterinarians believe that humans beings do not infect their dogs but there are certain exceptions which need to be noted, Germs which causes cold and flue are different for different species but there are some viruses which are transferable.

Human and cold virus

  • There are varieties of streptococcus that causes a sore throat can be very contagious in dogs and human beings. It is possible that you do not even know about this disease present in your dog because it is possible that these diseases do not show any infection symptoms.

Kennel Cough in dogs

  • A kennel cough which is scientifically known as the canine infectious tracheobronchitis is a very respiratory disease which is suffered by dogs. The commonplace from where this disease is transmitted is the dog’s kennels according to cough name.

Kennel Cough in dogs

  • Canine influenza which is also known as dogs flue is a respiratory condition which is caused by H3N8 influenza A virus. The symptoms of this disease are similar to cold but your dog can display the lingering symptoms which can last in 10 to 30 days.

Protect dog from Cold

  • If your dog’s bed is outside the first thing you can do to help your pet to keep him warm in cold weather is over the place where your pet sleeps such as kennel and make sure there is a blanket or cushion so that your dog does not sleep on the plastic cold floor.
  • If your dog sleeps in the floor then its body temperature alter very fast and it can get cold, therefore make sure your pet house is fully covered and there is no hole in the house through which cold air comes in.
  • You should make a home for your pet which has a roof because it will protect the dog from wind and rain, in case weather is worst then you can take your pet inside your house (room).

Use Blanket to cover dog

  • Whenever you provide water to your dog in winter check it after some time to make sure it is not frozen. If the water becomes frozen due to weather then your pet cannot drink it which will affect its health and causes dehydration.
  • It is best to check your pets water time to time in the winter and replace the water bottles with fresh water.
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  • Food is another important factor which you should keep in mind although dogs become lazy in winter but still they need the energy to withstand the cold weather. We recommend you to take your pet to vet and ask him what steps you can take in winter to protect your dog from the cold, for example, should you take your pet outdoors, where should it live etc.
  • In cold weather, dogs love to play to keep themselves warm and active but remember if you are living in an area where the weather is very cold and snowfalls a lot then be careful because your dog can get injuries in his legs.
  • This article is only based on providing basic information, Tryarticles does not have any authority or responsibility to prescribe any medicine or treatment we strongly recommend you to take your pet to vet in case of any type of pain or condition your dog to have.

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