What to Do if I Find an Injured Dog?

Whenever do you see any dog that is injured on the road or on the side of the road most of us do not know what to do? Most of the times people want to help them but as we are not experts we do not know what to do with the injured dog. Therefore we will guide and explain you what should you Do whenever you have found the injured dog.

Injured Dog

Found Injured Dog things You Can Do

  • Whenever you find an injured dog somewhere, do not panic, try to stay calm and if you are driving do not stop on the road because if you stop on the road you can scare the dog or you can become a cause of the accident. So find a place and park your car in the parking or somewhere safe and then approach for the injured dog.

Call ambulance

  • in case you see injured dog either on the road or on the pavement you know that the dog is injured and if u approach him directly as he is already frightened you will scare him off. So go slowly without looking into the eyes without scaring them.
  • It is very important that you should not touch the dog directly. Reach to him first with your palms down for the dog to smell it first. If the dog becomes friendly or accepts you the next step is you should calm the animal down which will lead you to the point of injury and to how much extent the animal has been injured.
  • If you know what to do when you see an injured dog that is good. But if you don’t know what to do or if you cannot identify the cause of injury or locate the place of injury then the best way is to call the local or country animal rescue team.

Be careful

  • As there are teams of experts and they know what is best for the injured dog. If you cannot find the owner of the animal then the animal should be sent to the rescue team as they adopt them and give them a place to live. But if you find the owner then tell them what happened and where to find there animal.
  • If you have checked and located the point of injury and you know you can carry the animal or the animal can move by itself, then you should take it to the veterinary center where the staff will take care of the injured dog and provide everything needed.

Veterinary center

  • you should keep in mind that if you cannot locate the owner of the pet then the animal becomes your responsibility and you have to take care and provide him home, shelter, food, and everything necessary for its survival until you find a foster home for it.
  • If you think that the dog is a burden on you or cannot deal with so many things at a time. You can ask for help from the veterinary hospitals for food, medicines or other things necessary. Even they can find a foster family for the dog but until the family is not found the dog must remain with you and is your responsibility to take care of it.

Fresh Water

  • Always provide a dog fresh and clean water so that your dog always remains hydrated throughout the day and remember to clean dog’s water bowl daily until the owner of the dog does not know.

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