How To Improve Communication With Yourself?

Every individual has thousands and millions of thoughts every day and most of them appear in a form of self-talk. How a person talks to himself is very important for his confidence and self-belief but it is also true that self-talk is mostly overlooked.

Improve Communication With Yourself

It is just like a soundtrack that is constantly playing in a person’s head, but he just ignores it. It has been said that a conversation which a person has with himself also determines his emotions and actions.

And it is obvious that if you are persistently neglecting yourself, how you can be happy or expect to believe in yourself. In this article, we will describe how to improve your communication with yourself, so read the article till the end.

Raise Your Awareness

Raise Your Awareness

Self-talk is a natural process and it is common that we may not even know what we have been saying to ourselves for all these times. If you want to make any change in your life, it is essential to be aware of the magnitude of the problem so that you can anticipatorily prepare yourself to cope it.

The first step a person should take is to be aware of the thoughts he creates in his mind about his life. Whenever you realize that you are having negative self-talk or in a negative mood, you must pay attention to the negative things you are saying to yourself. This is necessary to realize that how much damage you are doing to yourself.

Be Consistent

Be Consistent

If you feel that you are having negative self-talk, you must also know that this situation has not occurred overnight. It happened because you had been giving yourself the negative messages for a long time, over and over again, until you reached a point where your mind accepted that negative message as true. This is called the power of consistency.

But nothing to be fear as you can use this power of consistency for the sake of your advantages too. Before accepting a message you need to hear it multiple times. So you have to feed yourself with the positive message just like you have been feeding yourself with negative thoughts.

Wisely, choose a kind and supportive message which you have to give to yourself. When you feel that you are having negative self-talk, feed yourself with that positive message, repeatedly. With this practice, your conversation with yourself will become positive and will grow wiser and become kinder, gradually.

Regard Yourself As A Friend

Regard Yourself As A Friend

Beating yourself up and magnifying your mistakes will only drag you down. Studies have linked self-compassion to everything from the improved well-being of mind and better body image to enhanced self-worth and increased motivation. So make it a habit to speak to yourself in the same way you’d speak to a trusted friend.

According to a research, the way a person treats others can be a reflection of how he treats himself. Therefore, the first step in order to communicate better with yourself is to trust yourself first. Your level of better communication with yourself can be in constant balance with your own level of self-confidence.

Open new doors in lives, instead of creating walls. Put aside the prejudices that lead you to be a pessimist and leads you to make negative views about others.

Avoid Negative Words

Avoid Negative Words

As we have described earlier, practicing positive message over and over again will grow your self-talk positive. While communicating with others try to use positive words and neglect negative ones. Must use more positive words and phrases like;

  • I can.
  • I will.
  • Definitely.
  • Fantastic.
  • Absolutely.
  • Certainly.

Avoid frequently using negative words such as;

  • I can’t.
  • I won’t.
  • Don’t.
  • Not.
  • No.

Find The Best Message

Find The Best Message

It is not true that every positive message will work for everyone. There are certain words which resonate better with some people than others. In order to find the best suitable message for you, a little experimenting is required. All you need is to have fun with the words to find the best message for you.

Choose the best words which stimulate or energize you. That positive message must remind you that you are awesome and can do your best to achieve your task.

Visualize Success

Visualize Success

Self-talk not only appears in the form of words, it also occurs in the form of images. So imagine yourself achieving the results you always want. The image you give to yourself will also deliver a message either positive or negative depending on the image.

When a person focuses on a positive image, for example, achieving the goal of getting a reward for doing great in his project, he is reminding himself that he has knowledge, talent, skills and all the attributes necessary for the success.

Reading And Writing

Reading And Writing is theraputical

Writing is a therapeutic activity and you can write your worries, thoughts, gratitude, or whatever else comes to mind in just a few minutes. You must keep the journal near your bed and make it a habit of writing a few lines or even paragraphs each night before you go to sleep.

You must practice mindfulness. It is essential for all of us to escape from the pressing concerns of reality once in a while. Whenever you are at lunch break, get away from your office or computer and pick up a favorite book or a hobby magazine. While reading we get relaxed as it helps us escape from the pressures of our lives and become positive.

Note: No one can give you the best advice as you can. Therefore, it has a serious effect on your life when you have a conversation with yourself. If you wish to meet your greatest abilities, it’s essential to shape your mental muscle. Every day and over time exercise your mind, in this way, you will train your mind for success and happiness.

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