How To Keep Warm During Autumn?

Autumn is like a mock exam before you actually sit for the real deal. It’s like preparing you for the colder days, one day at a time as the temperature starts to drop.

Fall, with all its beauty, comes with breezy mornings and chilly nights. This calls for keeping ourselves warm and gearing up for winters. The transition from autumn to winters happens gradually, so it’s wise to start changing into warm clothes simultaneously. This Try Articles guide will help you with various options for staying warm in your fall outfits.

Staying warm in autumn

Warm Hats

The quickest way to stay warm is to keep our head and ears covered. Woolen hats, floppy hats, over-sized slouchy knit beanies and the likes of these are the best. You might not be needing these throughout the day, but mostly when you head out in the open these will come in handy. If you’re not wearing them just make sure to carry them along with you, so you can pop it on whenever the need be.

Hats to wear in autumn

Neck Warmers

There are a few ways to keep your neck warm. One that can be worn alone, just as a neck warmer, and two where you need to do an outfit that covers the neck as well. Let’s discuss these further.

Woolen Neck Warmer

Neck warmer

Neck warmers are fashionable and serve the purpose very well. These come in a variety of colors and are also easy to knit at home. You can wear these alone or pair them with your sweater, hat or scarf. These are very light and will not weigh down your neck.

Turtleneck Tops

They get their name from the fact that the neckline of the shirt/sweater is raised higher, covering the neck.  It’s stitched in close-fitting in order to keep us warm. We, humans almost look like turtles with our necks covered! But, still, these come out great as a fashion statement.

High neck

You’ll need lesser clothing items if you have a turtleneck on. These alone will help you stay warm. They can be worn as an oversized jumper or as a sleek dress. There are many options with this one!

Padded Boots

To be honest, padded boots should be worn all throughout the year for the comfort they bring. But, alas, the heat they bring to the feet will be unbearable in summers!

Boots to wear in autumn

Adding style to your outfit, padded boots are a dream to wear. The cushioned lining inside them creates the perfect temperature for our feet. Especially if you love going out for a walk to enjoy the colors Autumn comes with, these are your feet’s best buddies.

Light Cardigans

Cardigans are a favorite when it comes to styling a fall outfit. They can be long and drapey or short and chic. The options with these are endless. They provide the ample warmth needed for a breezy Autumn.

Light cardigan to wear in fall

They have an open front, some are buttoned while others are not. These can be worn for various occasions. You can style them up and style them down. A very flexible garment to style, we must say. They have been recently gaining a lot of popularity for this in the fashion industry, lately.

Long Sleeves

This one’s a wise option! Try wearing clothes, that already comes with long sleeves. This way you don’t have to layer on another piece of clothing to cover your arms. If you’re wearing a dress, for an evening dine out, go for one that has full sleeves instead of a sleeveless one or an off-shoulder one. Because you’ll probably need to cover the shoulders later in the evening when it always tends to get a bit chilly in Autumn.


The wardrobe saviors! You can almost oomph up any outfit when you throw these on. There are countless ways to adorn a scarf. You can let it hang over your shoulders or tie different kinds of knots to keep it in place. And in any case you start to feel warm, you can easily take them off or style them differently.

Styling a scarf in fall


The fabric that gives you the most coverage to keep you warm, that’s how we see them. Shawls have been in the warm-fashion-game the longest. When there weren’t other styles invented to bring warmth, to throw on a shawl was the easiest way. They’re like a light-weight blanket. You just wrap yourself up like a burrito in it.

The only downfall of this style is that it restricts the arm movement. Because you’re holding the shawl with both arms.

We’re hoping this article provided you with some inspiration for your Autumn outfits. Let us know which style you prefer for staying warm in Autumns.

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