How To Do Leg Raises For Lower Abs?

A well-toned up abdomen plays a key role in your physical appearance. It is also an indicator of your level of fitness and health. So, if you want to have a healthier body with good shape and appearance, you need to work on your abdomen, seriously. It is therefore very important to include Abs exercises in your daily routine.

In the abdominal region, we have three different sets of muscles, the upper, the lower and the lateral muscles. Toning up your abs muscles is much important to get a perfect V-shape. Working on all the three sets of muscles is equally important and professionals have designed separate exercises for each of those.

lower abs

But our today’s focus is on the improvement of Lower Abdominal Muscles. While there are numerous useful exercises of lower abdomen muscles, leg raises, is considered the best.

There are three basic leg raises workouts, called the Pulse Ups, the Reverse Crunches and the V-Ups. Here we will guide you how to do Leg Raises for Lower Abs, for getting a toned body muscle and V-Cut on the lower abdomen.

Leg Raises For Pulse-Ups

One of the best leg raise exercise for lower abdomen muscles is called as Pulse-Ups. Take an exercise mat. Lie straight on it, hold your face in up direction and back should completely touch the mat. Place your hands, with straight arms, under your hips, so that this lower part of your body is well supported by your hands. This exercise can also be done on a bench, instead of an exercise mat. In this case, place your hands under your head, instead of your hips.

Now, raise both the legs upwards, providing force by contracting the lower abdomen muscles, but make sure your back is straight and tightened. Raise the legs, to make an angle of 90 degrees with the floor/bench. Keeping the legs in this position, now raise your upper body portion, again with the force of contraction of abdomen muscles.

leg raises forpulse-ups

Maintain this position, sustaining it will make you feel that your abdomen muscles are contracting; this is the pulse, due to which this workout is called the “Pulse Ups”. After holding in this posture for a second or so, lower the upper portion of your body, while legs remaining in the raised position. Immediately repeat the same pulse action on your abdomen, through raising upper portion of body again. Repeat for 10-12 times in one session.

Leg Raises For Reverse Crunches

Next leg raise exercise for lower abs, is called the “Reverse Crunch”. While crunches work on upper abdominal muscles, the reverse crunches with leg raise, work on your lower abs region.

While lying straight on a mat, put your hands under your hips to give support to this region of your body. In case you are doing it on a bench, hands position will be under your head. Start raising both of your legs, upwards. Keep raising the legs until your hips and buttocks are raised slightly above the ground or bench.


Now, bend the knees and pull them towards your chin so that the knees are close to your chest, but not touching it. Doing so, you will feel the crunch in your lower abdomen. Maintain this posture for a while and then return to normal position. Do at least 15 reverse crunches in a session.

Leg Raises For V-Ups

Another leg raise exercise for lower abdomen muscles is known as the “V-Ups”. All exercises of lower abs are aimed at achieving V-Cut body shape, V-Ups is the most recommended workout. Here you physically transform your body into a V shape. This exercise strongly works on your lower abdominal muscles to provide strength.

Lie down on floor or an exercise bench. Straighten your arms above your head, while arms touching the floor or bench. Now start pulling your legs and upper body portion simultaneously upwards, with arms and legs stretched, thus forming a V shape with your body and your buttocks firmly grounded.

Leg Raises For V-Ups

Keep your legs, arms and back fully stretched. Maintain this posture for a second or so. Regain your original position. Immediately repeat this V-shape. Do at least for 15 – 20 times.


All the leg raises exercises work on the lower abdominal muscles but also, your back is involved in these exercises. As we know the backbone of our body is one the most sensitive parts, an extra care is required while practicing.

As we always emphasize, be consistent and committed to your workouts. Irregular workouts cannot give you the desired results; rather they may leave a negative impact on your overall health condition, if not done on regular basis. Last but not the least, diet control plays a vital role in your fitness and health. Make sure you are taking the right meals.

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