How To Look Feminine With Short Hair?

Ever get the urge to just reboot your hair? Chop it all off and start from scratch? Or maybe on some days you just don’t feel like putting in the effort of styling it? You’ve seen plenty of women rocking the look like it’s no big deal.

What’s stopping you? Too risky and way too out of your comfort zone? You fear you won’t look as good as everyone else does in it? That short hair is for certain face shapes only? Don’t start pulling your hair out yet!

Feminine With Short Hair

This TryArticles article will highlight how you can look knock-out gorgeous with short hair while looking feminine and incorporating a bit of your own style in it too!

Face Shapes

Face Shapes

Before jumping into your “big cut” know which short hairstyle suits your face shape. Follow this handy guide below,  to help you out!

Oval Face Cut

Oval Face

All the gals with this face cut. Consider yourselves lucky. You can rock any short hairstyle whether its bangs, or a one-sided cut or even a faux hawk with half your head shaved. Since you can look great in anything, experiment with tousled textures or loaded bangs.

Round Face Cut

Round Face

An angled side swept bang with short hair or just a regular short hairstyle with bangs are two of your best options. This will add just the right amount of angles to your round face.

Long Face Cut

Long Face

Bobs will always be in style. Since you wouldn’t want to bring too much attention to your long face, opt for a short bob. Wear it’s curly to provide some dimension.

Square Face Cut

Square Face

Since you already have a pretty well-defined jawline, amp your face up with a shaggy short hairstyle. Wearing it shaggy will balance out your jawline and will add some nice definition to your face.

Heart Shaped Face Cut

Heart Face

Bangs all the way! Framing your eyes with swooping bangs will compliment your whole face.

Diamond Face Cut

Diamond Face

One word: volume. Opt for a short hairdo with lots of volume on the top. An alternative would be a side cropped style. This will accentuate all your face angles especially your high cheekbones.

Styling The Hair

Now that you’re done choosing your short hairstyle, let’s move on to styling it.

I Woke Up Like This

Bed Head

The easiest way to rock a short-do: leave it tousled. Or in other words bed head. Run your fingers through it to settle a few rigid pieces or use a little spray or mousse and you’re done for the day. Or just sweep your bangs and have a gorgeous bedhead the entire day.

Iron It Out

Ironed Short HairStraighten out your bangs for a sleek chic look. Coupled with your cheekbones this will make you look like a high-end fashionista.

Spikes And Sassiness

Spikes With Short Hair

Create some edginess by creating effortless spikes with a bit of hair gel. You can style your hair any way you want. You’d still look chic and sassy!

Go Dark

Dark Short Hair

Not feeling your short do and want to spruce it up a little? Opt for the dark roots route. This “grown out” hair color look will oomph up your hairstyle.

The French Do It Better

French Braid Short Hair

If you have a lot of volume on your head, make a French braid. Braids never go out of fashion no matter the trend.

Rock And Roll

Rock and roll with a pompadour. Blow-dry to create the required volume with a big round brush, hairspray it to lock it in place.


Accessorise Short Hair

Accessorize it with a thin hair band. A band with gems or bows would dampen your hairs’ limelight. You can also bobby pin one side of your short-do to keep it away from your face.

Love, Rosie

Head Wrap Short Hair

Make a head wrap like “Rosie the Riveter”. This retro style scarf is sure to grab a lot of attention and is a fun statement in its own.

Be Confident!

Demi said it right, “What’s wrong with being confident?” Rock your new do proudly. No matter the amount of makeup or chic clothes you have, they will dampen too if you don’t carry them with the right attitude.

With confidence, your femininity will take center stage itself. So do you!

Throw A little Shade

Dark Eyes Short Hair

Since you don’t have any more long tresses to hide behind, its best to work with what God has blessed you with. Your face.  Since your hair requires zero styling, you have more time to concentrate on your face.  Opt for a gallant eye look if you’re still conscious of your short hair. This will draw attention away from the hair to your face.

Already imagining yourself rocking that short hairstyle, aren’t we? We’re hoping this article proved informative and helpful and you found what you were looking for. Do send us your feedback in the comments, we’d love to hear back!

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