How To Maintain A Burgundy Hair Color?

If you’re a feisty one, you already have your hair dyed in a burgundy color while you read this!

This hair dye is for the blunt and the daring. It takes it’s high in hair fashion around the fall season the most. But, you can totally rock it throughout the year. The main hassle comes in keeping that color alive. The intensity of such bold colors tends to fade away after a couple of washes.

Fear not, this Try Articles article will help you with tips that will make your burgundy hair color last longer. Let’s explore the magic!

Making your burgundy dye last long

Investing In A Shampoo And Conditioner

First off, be prepared to spend a good amount on cult classics. A red shampoo/conditioner is a good place to begin with the color maintenance. Regular shampoos can be too harsh for colored hair. Going to a salon for touch-ups every now and then is a cruel act on your hair and would definitely burn a hole in your pocket! It’s a hundred and ten percent wise to purchase color protection shampoos and conditioners from re-known hair care lines.

Wash Temperature

This tip is generally a good one for anyone who wishes to keep their hair healthy. Using tepid warm water to slightly cold water for your hair is very healthy for your hair. It makes sure not to strip of your scalp and hair from moisture. Moisture is very important for the hair strands to look healthy and shiny.

Washing your hair with cool water ensures the hair strands stay put and hence, hold color much better than warm water. Warm water will also make you lose more hair in the shower due to the follicle expanding due to the heat. Also, it is not a myth that cool water makes your hair shiny. It actually does make them shiny and healthier looking.

Routine Washes

It’s best to minimize your hair wash for a day or two rather than every single day in order to maintain the intensity of the burgundy dye. A lot tends to wash away if you’re regular with your hair wash. Plus, not washing your hair every single day of your life is actually very healthy for your hair. So, you bag two things at one time! How lovely!

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo to protect hair color

Since you won’t be washing or over-washing your burgundy hair too much, it’s best to use a dry shampoo. Especially if your scalp is too oily, this is your hair’s best friend. Give your hair a nice dose of a good dry shampoo to lift them up. You get to keep the intensity of the burgundy safe for longer time and keep your hair out of harm’s way as well. Again, two targets with one shot!

Leave-In Conditioner

Slightly new to the hair-care line, leave-in conditioners are that coat of conditioning that doesn’t require washing away. Clearly, coating the color-treated hair protects the color to a great extent. So, the damage lessens, just in case you were planning to dive into the chlorinated water for your swimming class.

Heat Protectant

Protecting hair dye with heat protectant

This is the first rule before you apply any heat to your hair. Heat is very damaging to hair, but of course, styling our hair is as important. Color-treated hair tends to take on more damage, which is upsetting. So, the best way to go about it is to use a hair protecting mist all over our hair. Whether you are straightening or blow drying.

Color Glaze

Use a color glaze for adding sheen to your burgundy dye and making them appear vibrant and healthy. A color glaze functions to seal the hair cuticle, thereby retaining the strength of the hair dye for a longer period of time.

Follow the instructions on the product for proper usage. After washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, apply color glaze and leave it on for the required time. Wash off with cool water.

Styling Tools

Try limiting the use of hot styling tools, that damage the hair the most. Go for hairstyles like heatless curls, heatless waves or straightening your hair without heat etc. Limiting the usage of hot tools will make a ton of a difference to your hair in general.

Applying heat on hair with hair styling tools

Avoiding these hot tools will help retain your burgundy color as heat is as damaging to the color as it is to the health of your hair.

We hope this article helped you in keeping your head as red as ever! Haha…

Let us know how well guidelines performed for you. We’re always delighted to hear back!

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