What Are The Persian Gulf Countries?

All of us have at least once heard the name “The Persian Gulf” but most of us don’t know that what the Persian Gulf is and where is that located? It is also considered as the expansion of the Indian Ocean. And if we talk about the location, it is positioned between Arabian Peninsula and Iran.It is also famous for the Gulf War in 1991 and for being the battlefield of war between Iran and Iraq from 1980-1998.

It is also believed that it came into being about 15000 years ago. There are several countries which lie under this territory and are famous for oil. If you are interested to know about the geography of Gulf countries then in this article, we will explore the countries which came under this region, so read the complete article.

Gulf Cooperation Council

Gulf cooperation council countries

Gulf Cooperation Council is a regional intergovernmental political and economic union consisting of six countries of Persian Gulf. Its aim is to strengthen its members. These 6 Arab countries that are members of the Arab States Gulf Cooperation Council.

  • Saudi Arabia

Its capital is Riyadh and it has a population of about 30,770,375. Its language is Arabic.

  • Oman

Its capital is Muscat and it has a population of about 4,000,345. Its language is Arabic.

  • Kuwait

Its capital is Kuwait City and it has a population of about 3,250,496. Its language is Arabic.

  • Bahrain

Its capital is Manama and it comprises the population of about 13,466,131 inhabitants. The language spoken here is Arabic.

  • United Arab Emirates

Its capital is Abu Dhabi and it consists of the Population of about 13,466,131 inhabitants.The language spoken here is Arabic.

  • Qatar

Its capital is Doha and its Population is about 24,634,601 inhabitants. Its language is  Arabic.

All of the countries above have many things in common. They have an absolute monarchy and the language spoken there is Arabic and all the religion is Islam. Their economy is mainly based on oil.

Geographical Boundaries

geographical boundries

When we talk about the perspective of geography then we are strictly bound to add Iran in the list of Persian Gulf countries because it also shares the shore along with other opposite Arab countries.  But when we talk from the cultural and political perspective, Iran is totally opposite to other Arabic countries as they have a complicated relationship.

Iran is also known as Persia, not just by name, it is ethnically and culturally Persian. One of the major conflicts between Iran and other countries is the practice of Islam. That is why Iran does not cooperate with other Gulf countries.

Interesting Facts About Gulf Countries

  • The only country that has rare natural springs, on Arabian peninsula, is Bahrain.
  • Due to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, the famous Persian Gulf War began.
  • United Arab Emirates is the richest among the Persian Gulf countries.
  • The most authoritative country among all Gulf Countries is Saudi Arabia.
  • Oman comes on the list of hottest countries in the World.
  • Iran is the only country with “Farsi” or in English “Persian” as national language.

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