How to Feed a Pregnant Rabbit?

Pregnant Rabbit: If you have a rabbit and you want to breed it or you found your pet is pregnant then it can be very happy time for you as you will have little cute Baby rabbits. To think of rabbit babies is itself amazing but remember you will have more responsibility to take care of your pregnant rabbit and nurture them.

Pregnant Rabbit

You have to make some changes to handle your pregnant rabbit and pay more attention to their diet. In this article, we will guide you how to take care and feed your pregnant rabbit.

Take Care Of Your Pregnant Rabbit

  • In a case before pregnancy you feed your rabbit commercial pellets then you can continue feeding them same pellets during pregnancy, if you suddenly change the diet of your pet it will cause stress and discomfort in them therefor you can change your pet’s diet gradually.
  • When you have a pregnant rabbit it needs more nutritional care because of increase in weight your rabbit also needs more calories to consume. You must provide the extra meal in small quantity once in a day otherwise feeding extra meals to your pet at once cause bloating and gas.

Rabbits Food

  • Increase the meal of pregnant rabbit gradually as each passing week during pregnancy.
  • You can give an extra teaspoon of black seeds to your pregnant rabbit daily which helps them to get extra fat they needed during their pregnancy. Sunflower seeds are helpful for rabbits for the milk production.
  • You should feed your pregnant rabbit natural green vegetables like carrot, alfalfa, celery, lettuce and cucumber which provides vitamins to your rabbit during their pregnancy. Do Not give your pregnant rabbit sweet fruit as they can disturb the digestive system of the bunny.
  • Always give your rabbit clean and fresh water during their pregnancy and clean the water bottles on a daily basis because water helps your rabbit in the milk production. Rabbits remain healthy, hydrated and their body function properly in the development of rabbit babies.

Rabbit Drinking Water

  •  Clean your rabbit’s cage once in a week to ensure your rabbit does not get any disease because if they get the disease in their pregnancy they can lose their babies or its babies born with disabilities.
  • You should provide your doe a space in which your rabbit can take care of their babies once they are born.
  • Do not yell or stress out your rabbit during her pregnancy be patient and pay more attention to the diet of a pregnant rabbit during their pregnancy.

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