How to Prevent Rabies in Dogs?

If you have a pet dog then it is very important for you to protect it from getting rabies. Rabies is a fatal disease both for animals and humans which is present on all continents. This disease is transferable and can affect warm-blooded animals but you can take appropriate measures to prevent rabies to attack your dog.

Prevent Rabies

In this article, we will tell you how you can prevent rabies in dogs.

Guidelines To prevent Rabies

  • Dogs can pass rabies into humans and developed countries like America, Europe is affected by this disease which caused the death of millions of teenage people according to world health organization. You should get a vaccination for your pet against this disease so to avoid future problem arise from this disease.
  • Although every animal especially cats, livestock, bats, and ferrets are at high risk to get rabies but in this article, we will only focus on the dogs and talk about how to prevent rabies in dogs.

pet to vet

  • One of the most common methods to prevent rabies in dogs is to take it regularly to the veterinary doctor and vaccinate it at the appropriate time.
  • One of the simple and inexpensive methods to prevent rabies in dogs is to keep them away from wild animals, if you take your pet for a walk then you must make sure your dog is not going near to wild animal keep an eye on them.

Keep away from wild Animals

  • In case you saw an animal without owner then immediately inform animal authorities they will pick the dog and check its health condition and take care of it. otherwise, if this animal has rabies then a single bite or even scratch of it can transfer rabies to you.
  • If you found out your pet’s behavior is aggressive, its mouth is full of foam then be alert in this condition and take your pet to vet for a proper checkup.
  • Whenever you decide to get a dog then do not get an illegal animal from other country and dog which has never vaccinated, you should only get a dog from the trusted channel which has proper official paper and vaccinated properly.
  • In case you get a baby dog from trusted channel then it is your duty to vaccinate it properly to prevent rabies in a dog.

always get pet from trusted channel

  • If you found out any dog which has killed some animal or person then you must call animal authorities do not take action yourself, as they are trained to handle this type of conditions.
  • In case of dog bits you then you must immediately wash your infected area and disinfect the wound with iodine afterward go to the doctor and get proper treatment to prevent rabies attack.

Aggressive Dog

  • If you find out the owner of a dog who bits you then contact him and see proper papers and vaccination detail of the dog otherwise call animal authorities to take appropriate action because rabies is a viral disease which directly affects the neural system of the dog.
  • you must remember that there is no cure for this disease and once clinic signs of this disease occur the animal dies within the six days. the only way to test rabies is through the brain tissues of dead infected animal there is no other method to test this disease.
  • The most common animals in us carrying this disease are the foxes, skunks, bats and the reckons. The Human infected by these animals in the USA have an average of 2 people per year.

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