How To Say Princess In Different Languages?

The term princess is used for the female child of a king. Monarchy is existing since ancient times. And some countries still follow the Tradition of King, Queens, Prince and Princesses. This rank is bestowed by birth or by marrying a prince.In this World of democracy, the monarchy exists in a few countries. They still follow the custom of king and queen.

There are more than 4000 languages in the world and in this article, we will explore the alternative of the princess in different languages. Obviously, it’s not possible to write princess in all languages but here we will write a few of them.

princess in different languages

Princess In Other Languages

  • Arabic  Ameerah
  • Afrikaans  Prinses
  • Bengali  Rajkumari
  • Bosnian  Princeza
  • Brazilian  Princesa
  • Bulgarian  Printsesa
  • Burmese  Mainsamee
  • Catalan  Princesa
  • Croatian  Princeza
  • Czech  Princezna
  • Danish  Prinsesse
  • Dutch  Prinses
  • Filipino  Prinsesa
  • Finnish  Prinsessa
  • French  Princesse
  • Georgian  Princess
  • German  Prinzessin
  • Greek  Prinkipisa
  • Gujarati  rājakunvarī
  • Hindi  Rajkumari
  • Icelandic  Prinsessa
  • Indonesian  Puteri
  • Irish  Banphrionsa
  • Italian  Principessa
  • Japanese  Ōjo
  • Kannada  Rājakumāri
  • Korean  gongju
  • Latin  Princeps
  • Malay  Puteri
  • Marathi  Rājakumārī
  • Norwegian  Prinsesse
  • Portuguese  Princesa
  • Punjabi  Rājakumārī
  • Romanian  Prințesă
  • Spanish  Princesa
  • Slovenian  Princess
  • Swedish  Princess
  • Tamil  Iḷavaraci
  • Telugu  Yuvarāṇi
  • Turkish  Prenses
  • Urdu  Shahzadi
  • Vietnamese  công chúa

This system of the monarchy has seen antiquity, and different ancient civilizations, so it has been allotted different rights as per constitutions of the different sovereigns. I hope you liked my post about saying princess in various languages and if you want to give suggestions then write it down in the comments section. For more articles of your interest, you may visit Education category at TryArticles.

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