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Copyright rules seem complicated but are actually meant to balance creators’ rights with public access. This website copyright policy aims to protect writers and artists while letting people view and responsibly share content.

Who Owns the Material Published on the Website?

The website itself keeps full copyright ownership over all articles, images, videos, comments and other content published on its pages. This includes:

  • Text-based stories and articles
  • Photographs and graphics
  • Animated GIFs and videos
  • Audio clips and podcasts
  • Software code snippets
  • User comments on posts

However, outside creators still hold copyright on the specific pieces they originally submit that later get published.

What Can Website Visitors Do with the Content They Find Here?

The public is allowed to view published material for free and share it non-commercially. This means you can email an interesting post to a friend or post an article excerpt with attribution on your own site. However, heavily republishing full posts or content without permission goes against copyright.

Rules Around User Submissions

Do Creators Still Own What They Submit?

Yes, writers, photographers, videographers and other creators still retain full copyright ownership of the songs, stories, images and other content they voluntarily submit to the website for possible publication.

What Rights Do Creators Give the Website Regarding Submitted Content?

By simply submitting their original works like poems or recipes or artwork, creators are granting the website license to publish their content for public viewing without asking again later. This allows the website to legally add submitted posts, videos etc to its public pages without new approval.

The website can then let Internet users access and link to the published pieces under fair use principles without actually transferring full copyright away from the creators.

What are User Responsibilities Around Submitting Content?

Users must ensure the original content like photos, charts etc they submit does not infringe on copyright protected works owned by others. Users are responsible for only sending truly original work for publication.

What Details Should a Copyright Complaint Include?

To report infringement, you must provide:

  • Description of the original copyrighted work being infringed
  • Details on exactly where the challenged content appears on the site
  • Your full name and contact info
  • Statement that you hold copyright on the original work
  • Attestation that the use seems unauthorized by you as the copyright holder

How Does the Website Investigate and Address Copyright Complaints?

When the website receives a complete copyright complaint meeting those requirements, it follows protocols like the DMCA to promptly investigate if infringement occurred. If the challenged article, video or other content clearly copies key protected elements without transformation, the website removes or disables access to that post.

What Happens to Users Who Receive Multiple Valid Copyright Complaints?

Users who have multiple pieces of content successfully challenged for infringing on others’ copyrights may end up banned from submitting to prevent repeated violations.

As copyright laws and website best practices develop further over time, the website may update parts of its formal copyright policy document. Website visitors should periodically review the latest version of the full policy online to ensure they understand the current rules.

Contact the website via email or phone with any additional copyright-related questions or issues. The site values content creators and aims to enforce protections while still cultivating public access.