When Can Puppies Go Outside?

When you adopt a pet in your home then you definitely want to give him the best care and want to show your pet to your friends and family. You must take your pet outside for a walk so that, they can play and socialize themselves. It is observed that many people say you should keep your puppy at home until their vaccination is completed. Some people also say that you must take your pet outside before they are 13 weeks old.

want to take your pet outside

These pieces of advice sometimes make pet owners confuse therefore we will talk about these issues so that you clearly know when you should take your puppy outside for a walk.

When Puppies go outside?

  • First of all puppy owners need to understand two main reasons for their puppies. The first thing is your pet must be socialized and the second thing is it is fun for your pet to go outside.
  • Medically it is suggested that your pet is ready to go home when they are 8 weeks of age but keep in mind that if your pet is ready to go new home does not mean they are ready for everything else.

little puppies need to sleep 20 hours

  • Little puppies need a lot of sleep just like human babies do for example American veterinary medical association said that puppies which are less than three months old can sleep up to 20 hours a day which means there is no time for other activities.
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  • Make sure your pet sleeps enough because it is very important for the proper development of their brain and it has a positive effect on the puppies mood.
  • you must know that young puppies do not need much exercise as compared to adult and old dogs needs to go outside.
  • The common rule to take your pet outside for a walk is 5 minutes of exercise daily according to pets age. For example, if your pet is one month old then 5 minutes walk and when they are two months old they need 10 minutes to walk outside.
  • If you take your puppy outside for a long walk then it will have a negative impact on your pet or it can cause physical harm to your pet.

five minutes walk is enough

  • It is said that growth plates in the long bones of a puppy do not fully close until a pet reaches one year of its age, therefore, you must be careful to take your pet outside.
  • One other reason you need to look after is young puppies have more tendency to get the disease when they go outside if its vaccination is not completed.
  • It is observed that many puppies get the disease by the slight touch of an inanimate object. therefore it is very important that your pet has up to date vaccination and make sure your pet does not contact with other animals in the park
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  • There are private yards and gardens which offer a safe place for young puppies to play and the chances of getting the disease in these places are very low.

Let your puppies play with toys

  • There is no harm if your puppy starts exploring your home yard because your pet must become familiar with your garden and yard.
  • You can take your pet outside to pet-friendly stores where your pet can meet different people so that they can socialize. You must properly vaccinate your pet against diseases.
  • Many pet owners are advised to keep their pet in the home until their vaccination is completed This is because They want to protect him from infectious diseases until dog puppies develop immunity against diseases.
  • Once your puppy is vaccinated properly then you can start taking your pet outside so that they can play and waste their energy.

Train your pet

  • If you treat your dog tough then your pet can become lazy, angry and does not follow your orders, it will be hard for you to train your pet if you rough treat your dog.
  • Always provide your dog with fresh and clean water so that your dog always remains hydrated throughout the day and remember to clean your dog’s water bowl daily.
  • Clean your pet’s ears regularly and pay special attention to this area because it is the place where most of the times bacteria attacks. You also need to look after the nails of your pet and make sure their nails are not being worn away as they walk. You can also cut your dogs nail with a special nail cutter which is available in the market.

train your pet to go outside

  • You must keep your pet in the family and try to make them adopt family life, as Puppies are a very sensitive animal and does not like loneliness. If you keep your pet in loneliness then they become shy.
  • You must clean your pets area where they sleep at least once in a weak so that they do not get dirty and disease.
  • Green vegetables like cabbage, Brussel and broccoli contain a lot of dietary fiber which is good for your pets digestive system. These vegetables contain vitamin A, K, Folate, and iron which can boost the immune system of a pet.
  • This article is based on providing some basic information, Tryarticles does not have any authority or responsibility to prescribe any medicine or treatment we strongly recommend you to take your pet to vet in case of any type of pain or condition your dog to have.

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