How to know if my Rabbit is Pregnant?

If you have a rabbit then you can be curious how can I know my pet is pregnant?. If you have a pair of rabbits and you keep them together then female rabbit can get pregnant by a male rabbit. If you have a pair of rabbits then you should be mentally prepared about this, the more you know about the psychology of rabbits the less surprise you get.


In this article, we will tell you about how to know my rabbit is pregnant so that you can be ready to take responsibility of new baby rabbits if you come to know that your pet has new litters soon.

Steps to know Pregnant Rabbit

  • One of the good methods to know your rabbit is pregnant or not is through palpation, in case your rabbit is expecting litter. Usually, the veterinary doctor checks the rabbit with their hand to know rabbit is pregnant or not. You can also observe major changes in the pet after two weeks of pregnancy.
  • To notice fetuses you must be very expert and skillful otherwise you can harm your pet. We suggest you take your pet to the professional vet.

Take your pet to vet

  • If you want to palpate your rabbit yourself then you must first hold the hairs of your pet first and one shoulder with your right hand to keep the body of your pet immobile.
  • You can also tell if your pet is expecting babies by his weight because rabbit gain weight during their pregnancy if you observe your pet suddenly gains weight then use a scale to measure its weight and compare it with the previous weight of your pet.

pregnant rabbit

  • If your pet gains the weight of average 0.03 kilo in the first week then it means its pregnant and in the second week of its pregnancy its weight increases to 0.06.
  • if you are still confused either your pet is pregnant or not then the safest way is to take your pet to vet, the professional vet will check your rabbit by touching its body without harming it. veterinary can also take an ultrasound to be 100% sure and show you ultrasound report as a proof.
  • In case you do not want to spend money on veterinary doctor and ultrasound then you can try to understand the life cycle of rabbits. Generally, rabbits reach the sexual maturity at the age of 3 to 6 months.
  • Rabbits do not get pregnant when they are 3 months old, they usually mate when they are four to six months old. when rabbits age reaches to three years they do not mate hence the probability of getting pregnant is lower.

feed nutritious food

  • When you see rabbits are building nest then you can know your rabbit is expecting babies because it is natural that pets start building a nest when it is pregnant. Rabbits start gathering bits of paper and hay, they can pull fur from their chest.
  • when a Rabbit is pregnant it shows disinterest in male rabbits, even they can attack male rabbit but this sign is not much reliable because sometimes rabbits behavior is aggressive due to some injuries.Pregnant rabbits produce both soft and hard droppings, it is natural for rabbits to eat droppings because it contains nutrients and water.
  • Rabbits usually have 5 to 6 first-born babies and they have no fur on their body on first 2 weeks. it is important for you to not touch rabbits babies for first weeks as it can cause rabbits mom to reject their babies.
  • Feed your Bunny healthy and nutritious food during its pregnancy and always give fresh water.

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