How To Scent The House?

Every house smells like something. You all know that very well, that how to scent the house. Anyone who enters from outside can easily pick what we cooked last night or what ingredients we put in. even if you recycled everything out or litter box is cleaned and refreshed daily the odor lingers. There is always something that creates a specific type of smell in the house. Sometimes the fragrance products you buy might don’t feel pleasant to the guests they strike a guest as stinky.

How to scent the house

There’s something about a clean and fresh smelling home that feels little like a heaven. Not only a good smelling house feel cleaner and fresh, but the right aromas also affect our moods, our mental health and sense of calm. According to many medical studies, it is found that people who receive aromatherapy are less stressed out which indicates that different types of aromas not only keep our environment fresh and clean but also helps us in stress management.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your home smell great. So, here on, we are providing you all the ideas for how to scent the house.

Make a stove simmer

  • You can make your home smell fresh naturally by using simple and easy crafty tips. Simmer some water in a saucepan and add citrus slices and herbs like lemon, orange peels, cinnamon or mint leaves. The heat spread the sweet smell throughout your house. It is an easy and affordable idea that can help to make your home smell fresh for long.

Cleaning garbage to scent the house

  • One of the natural ways to keep your house smell fresh is to dispose of garbage regularly. The filthy kitchen stuff produces horrible smell in the whole house. Try to through kitchen and other garbage time to time in an outside garbage trunk so that bad odor of rotten fruits and vegetable peels will not affect the environment of the house.

Cleaning drain pipes to scent the house

  • If you might notice that your drain and sink pipes are stinking badly. Put some lemon scented dish wash down into the drain pipes, run the water and turn it on. You can also put lemon or lime peels in the drain pipes followed by lots of water.

Clean all the drain pipes of your house

  • If the smell still remains there, pour a half cup of baking soda in a drain pipe, followed by hot water. This will also help in removing the entire blockage from the pipes.

Placing candles to scent the house

  • Candles are an obvious and easy way to make your home smell sweet, but putting candles at the specific places can increase their efficiency. Try to put the scented candles on the table mats, table runners or near the curtains so that these fabrics would be able to absorb its scent.

place scented candles in your house

  • This will not only give you a nice pleasant smell whenever you entered the house, but your linen will carry the candles aroma with them whenever you use them.

Bring the outdoors in to scent the house

  • Indoor plants not only clean the air but also enhance the beauty of your house. And many plants offer pleasant smell. As the air blows through the house, the fragrance of the plants will spread throughout the house. You can use jasmine, eucalyptus, and gardenias.

Turn on the oven to scent the house

  • Anything’s feels and smells good like the aroma of freshly baked goods. Nothing beats the aroma of warm baked goods. Whenever you are having guests try to bake something purposely. Try to bake something simple and quick like cinnamon rolls or banana bread that will fill the house with a yummy smell.

Using essential oils to scent the house

  • You can use essential oils and pine cones for a pretty, great smelling decoration. You can just simply gather few pine cones from your backyard arrange them in a basket and put few drops of essential oils on them like lavender or cinnamon.

Use essential oils to scent the house

  • This will create a good long lasting smell in your entire home.

Essential oils spray to scent the house

  • You can replace harsh chemical air fresheners with an essential oil spray. All you need to do is add few drops of essential oils to about half a cup of water in a spray bottle. Just shake the bottle and it is ready to use. You can spray it in the air, in the closet on the fabric items like blankets, comforter, and pillows or even on your furniture.

Use scent diffusers to scent the house

Cleaning the carpets to scent the house

  • Carpets and rugs are often a place in the house that traps unwanted odors. Just simply mix borax, baking soda, and essential oils in a bowl and then sprinkle over your carpets. Leave on the carpet for 15 to 20 minutes and then simply vacuum for a fresher room.

Q tips and oil to scent the house

  • You can use essential oils with an easy tip. Just dip Q tips end in your favorite essential oil and hide it in the toilet roll in your washroom. You can have a nice scented washroom for a long time. You can hide these Q tips in your closets or in your living rooms.

Gel air fresheners to scent the house

  • Gel air fresheners are not easy to make but they can also look very cute as a home decoration. Just add few drops of your favorite essential oils for every two cups of water, mix it with salt and a pack of gelatin.

Use gel air fresheners in your house

  • Once the mixture is dissolved pour it into Mason jar and allow it to harden. Place it in any room for pleasant fresh aroma.

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