How To Tell If A Fish Is Sick?

Fishes are one of the most interesting and amazing pet and many species of fishes are very easy to take care of compared to other pets. If you are living in a small house or in a flat and you want to adopt a pet for your house then one of the best pet is fish. One thing you must remember is that fishes can become sick too like other animals. Fishes do not take much space in the home and they do not break anything in the home. Fishes are the good and amazing pet for children’s, little kids amazed to watch these animals.

Take Care of Sick Fish

It is not easy for a pet owner to tell either fish is sick or not unless he is an expert. One of the best things you can do is to check the water condition regularly. One of the signs of sick fish is they start fighting with other fishes or you can observe the scale of fish changing. Read this article because we are going to tell you the most common signs which can tell you either your fish is sick or not.

Signs of Sick Fish

  • When a fish is sick then its fins are frayed with a boom like an appearance or fishes fins open very little when they swim in an aquarium.
  • Sick fishes do not have control in their movement and they collide with objects in the aquarium such as filter or aquarium walls.
  • The sick fish has inflamed symptoms in their body and they are unable to open their fin widely which cause them to move slowly.
  • One major symptom of sick fish is their eye becomes widen and larger than usual. Fishes lose their appetite when they are sick.

Symptoms of sick fish

  • The white spot in the fish body appears mainly due to fungi infection or lack of hygiene water in the aquarium.
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  • The appearance of villi which looks like a cotton due to damage caused to the natural protective nucleus.
  • The gills of sick fish becomes purple instead of natural pink color or reddish color and the body of fish inclined to one side either left or right. It is also possible that body of fish is tilted with its tail pointing downwards whereas its head points upward.
  • Remember when fishes are sick they become inactive which is a sign that something is wrong with your fish. If you observe your fish always remains at the bottom of the aquarium and it only comes at the surface for air or it remains in the corner of the tank then it is a sign that your fish can be suffering from some illness or disease.
  • When you see the fish fins are stuck to their body then it is a sign that water quality is not good. To fix this problem change 50% of water on a daily basis until oxygen level is normal.
  • Fungus Disease is very common and you can see the symptoms of this disease in the body of fish. The appearance of villi which looks like a cotton due to damage caused to the natural protective nucleus. These symptoms usually appear after giving a dose of white spot. It can also occur due to some injury to the body of fish.

Sick Fish Becomes Inactive

  • This disease is treated with a fungicide, Add the fungicides in the aquarium water. We suggest you do not remove the filter you just need to remove the charcoal.
  • In case your aquarium fish has this disease then you can observe there body becomes opaque. Which is covered with a thin grey colored layer it affects the grills of the fish and their movement. You can also observe that your fish will start rubbing their body with the aquarium plants.
  • The main reason behind this disease is neglecting the water condition that is why it is very important to know how often you should change the aquarium water.
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  • Whit spot disease is one common disease in aquarium fish and it shows the white spot on the body, fin of the fish. This disease is very dangerous because it is transferable disease and other fish in the tank can also be affected within few days.

White Spot Disease

  • This disease affects the movement of aquarium fish (gill) which later causes the complication and irritation.
  • One of the signs of sick fish is they start fighting with other fishes or you can observe the scale of fish changing. When fishes are sick they lose interest in eating and show other negative signs.

Clean Fish Tank Properly

  • You must buy a special air pump for your aquarium which maintains the quality of the water and provide oxygen to fishes.
  • There are special pumps in the market which are used to change the water steadily and remove dirty water by replacing it with fresh water. Tryarticles recommends you to use the pump once in a week when you notice water starts getting dirty.
  • It is very important for you to pay special attention to the fish tank filter and you should clean it every 15 days. Clean the filter by removing all the dirt which is accumulated around it. there are a variety of tools available in the market you just have to ask the pet store specialist about the right tools.

Clean Fish Tank

  • Try not to full fish tank with tap water because it contains the chlorine which is very dangerous and harmful to fishes. You can get a product in the market which removes the chlorine from the water tank.
  • Never place water tank near a window where sunlight directly enters the aquarium or near to air condition because the change in rapid temperature makes your fish very sick and even it can kill your fish.

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