Is it Wrong to Sleep Near Your Mobile?

The one particular thing which has a great impact on our lives these days is technology. In today’s world, we see the massive need and use of technology. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that technology has become one of the most crucial factors in our today’s life. When we talk about technology we come across many different things in different fields, but when we talk about everyday life uses of technology then mobile is mostly used. Today we will see whether it is wrong to sleep near your mobile?

Sleep Near Your Mobile

We are talking about the side effects of the mobile when you sleep near your mobile. This is the key factor to be noted because we use our mobile phone for many things like taking photos, texting, calling etc. We mostly use our mobile for setting up the alarm. This could be the main reason why you sleep near your mobile. There could be any reason why you sleep near your phone. It could be the reason that you might be expecting some important calls or SMS, so you want to sleep near your mobile.

The organization for world health care (WHO) has alarmed everyone with the damage you could face if you sleep near your mobile. According to which, if you sleep near your mobile then it is pretty bad for your health and could also cause the Cancer by the radiations it emits. Now we will briefly discuss this issue in this article for your awareness about the use of technology.

Radiation Emitted from Mobile

Now we will elaborate you how radiations are emitted from your mobile phone and how could they affect your life circle.  The first thing that you have to realize is that your whole physique is driven by electronic rhythms inside your body. In the case when we come across some radiation no matter they are natural or artificial they adversely affect your body rhythm. This could end up affecting your body badly. The more you spend time with the electronics which emit radiations the more of your body gets affected.

Radiation Emitted from Mobile

If you don’t know which things could emit radiations which have the adverse impact then, these could include all the things like mobile, tablets & wireless communication etc. These radiations couldn’t be seeming to appear but they really exist. It has been noticed that if you sleep near your mobile could cause most of the damage to your health.

What worse could it be, as WHO has recently conducted some experiments according to which the people who are more exposed to the electronics they have more chances to get under the influence of cancer. Now it must be very clear to you that it is wrong to sleep near your mobile. It would be necessary to mention here that, it is also incorrect if you sleep near your mobile when it is charging.

How Radiation Effects When You Sleep Near your Mobile

The radiation effects if you sleep near your mobile does not end up here, we will also be talking about how these affect you. Being exposed to mobile phones and other electronics not only brings damage to your health organically, but they could bring much more harm to you as well.

How Radiation Effects When You Sleep Near your Mobile

According to the latest researches made on this issue, we come to see that it could be the reason for a headache. These electronics could bring impact on your hormones, the fluent use of mobile phone which have bright screen colors in your daily routines could also be the reason for your headache. This could also cause insomnia which is a genuine issue.

The Ideal Use of Mobile Phones

After knowing all about the negative impacts that the electronic or mobile phones can bring to us we will discuss the ideal use of mobile phones. What would be the right place to keep your mobile? The best approach for you is that you should turn off your mobile at night. In case that you don’t want to switch off your mobile then put it at a minimum distance of 1 meter. Also, try to disable your data connection and Wi-Fi so to avoid the electromagnetic and radio waves.

The Ideal Use of Mobile Phones

Along with mobile, you should try to turn off every electronic at night so that there won’t be any radiations in the atmosphere and you can experience the best night to sleep. Following all these instructions we will brief some points on the ideal use of mobile which is given below.

  • Always prefer to have short length calls, in case you are on a long call then don’t forget to keep changing your ear sides to avoid the exposure on one side.
  • Try using headphones while making calls if possible because it would not make direct interaction with your body.
  • Never try to push for calls if you are in the no coverage area because in doing so it will release more radiations.
  • Keep your phone in such a way that it won’t be in contact with your body directly. You could put it in your bag or for girls they could use the handbags so that it would not interact with your body directly.

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