How To Stop White Smoke From The Exhaust?

Surely, you have seen how the car expels white smoke that appears in the exhaust pipe. First of all, it is normal for cars to expel light whitish smoke when the engine get started on cold days, but if it continues for long even in warmer days then the color of the smoke from the exhaust can be a clear indication that something is wrong, and is not working properly.

At Try Articles, we will tell you how to stop white smoke expels from the exhaust and the main reasons behind it. So, get ready to diagnose your car’s smoke reasons with possible solutions.

Stop White Smokes From The Exhaust

Winter/Cold Weather

The white smoke that appears in the exhaust pipe coming out depends on the weather too. When the car is in cold condition and becomes too cool, it condenses and causes water to remain in the exhaust pipe. When we start the car and the temperature rises, we evaporate the water from the exhaust and white smoke emerges out.


You don’t need to worry in this situation because this smoke will disappear after several minutes of driving the car, the condensation will scatter, and that will make white smoke invisible after few minutes of warming up the engine.

Coolant Leakage

Another problem is the leakage of the coolant from the engine. This leakage is caused by deterioration in the head of cylinders, the head gasket or slits in the engine block. It will still leak if there is a small crack and that leak contaminate the oil of your engine and produces white smoke. You will notice little sweet odour smell and the consistency of thick white smoke. Also, if you have lack of coolant and your cooling system is not properly maintained, your engine will start overheating and will damage the head gaskets that could lead you to the damages of the internal components.


Replace your head gasket by the expert which will not cost you a lot, but if there is an issue with cylinder cover or engine block, these will be expensive to replace.

Vaporized FuelVaporized Fuel

White smoke can also come from vaporized fuel which is not burnt. It is caused by retarded fuel injection timing that injects the fuel too early or too late and also because of failure of the fuel injector which allows fuel to vaporize when the engine is overheating in the exhaust. You will notice a lot of thick white smoke that appears in the exhaust pipe.


In such condition, you need to replace if it’s broken or repair the fuel injector if it’s dirty or clogged from your nearest auto body shop as soon as you notice it.

Problem Caused By Acid

Sulfur is present in all oils, gas and diesel fuel. When sulfur combines with moisture in the engine, the acid produces and this makes white smoke comes out from the exhaust. Most additive in fuels and oil controls sulfur that protects the engine and the transmission.


You need to check the oil frequently to avoid the major problem, acids will cause you to replace the muffler and motor of the car.

Useful Tips

  • Keep your car maintained, if you maintain it properly, you will get these problems in time and will save your money.
  • Do not ignore the latter, because the problem could get worse. A small leakage of coolant can lead to a serious risk of overheating and very serious damage to the engine.
  • You can use many additive products to fix this issue like smoke reducer, smoke treatment etc.
  • Never try to remove the coolant reservoir cap while car is running because that time engine will be hot that will cause you serious injury.
  • Check coolant when the engine cools down to see the leakage.
  • The best thing is to take your vehicle to a repair shop as soon as you notice any symptoms.

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