Symptoms Of Bad Failing Starter

Mostly the problems with starting a vehicle is considered to be associated with the battery. This may be one of the most common problem people face but the problem may lie in some other parts of the the vehicle. How can any one tell that the problem in starting the car engine is due to the starter instead of the battery? For this every car driver must know what is a starter.

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A starter is a mechanical part of the vehicle consisting of two parts. The motor starts the engine of your vehicle and solenoid is used to engage the dear. Starter of the vehicles can work properly if maintained regularly and the car is maintained in a good condition but it may wear or fail to work with the time. Here we will discuss the symptoms of bad failing starter, so that it will become easier and quicker for the motorists to identify the problems related to starting the car engine.

Symptoms Of Bad Failing Starter

Discussed below are some of the symptoms identifying the bad failing starter:

Engine Does Not Start

The most widely recognized manifestation of a bad engine starter is that you turn the key and you see no response. An electronic key does not have a manual start switch, but rather when you connect with the start, it sends signals to the starter. There is a chance that the vehicle declines to turn on when you turn the key or press the starter switch, it must be an issue with the starter. The issue might be expected to a malfunctioning circuit. In this situation, the vehicle won’t begin, regardless of how often you try to turn the key.

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In the event that the starter has not yet malfunctioned totally, you may hear some clicking sounds, however it won’t turn over. This is typically caused because of the engine or the starter solenoid being worn out. It may encounter some electrical issue also. In spite of the fact that this sort of issue may emerge because of a dead battery too, you need to check alternate manifestations so you can figure out which one is faulty.

Starter Turns On But Motor Is Not Spinning

When you turn on the the engine, you may hear the starter getting to be dynamic, however you can’t hear the sound of the engine crank. This may be a side effect of a mechanical issue with the starter. The issue is most likely lying in the apparatuses associated with the flywheel. The gear probably stripped or it might have been ousted against the auto’s flywheel. Whatever the case, the motor will neglect to turn over and you should replace your starter.

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Freewheeling happens when you start the motor and you hear whimpering noise originating from the starter with no motor turning. There is a chance that you see this side effect, it shows that your auto’s starter gear can’t connect with its flywheel. This can be a major circumstance and you would soon require a replacement for your starter. The initial step is to get your vehicle overhauled as quickly as time permits.

Oil Leakage

The starter is normally situated close to the base of your car. This implies if there is an oil spill, it is probably going to get soaked from different parts of the motor. A starter absorbed oil will have a shorter life expectancy and will get harmed soon. Along these lines, you should consider rectifying the spillage promptly and supplant the starter before any genuine glitch happens. Oil holes can be both a indicators and further reason for some motor issues.


Grinding Noise While Turning On The Engine

When you turn on the engine, you may hear a pounding noise, most likely in light of the fact that the gears interfacing the starter with the flywheel have exhausted. The pounding that you hear can likewise occur inside your auto’s starter engine. When you hear this sound, you ought to get on alarm and call your mechanic immediately.

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There may be a chance that you overlook this noise, it might make genuine harm to your car’s flywheel which will be a costly repair to manage a short time later.

Smell While Turning On The Engine

The mechanical framework comprises of your starter that gets ignited with power. In some cases, the starter gets overheated because of consistent supply of energy. There may be a chance that this happens, the engine of the starter does not get an opportunity to turn off and you may find a consuming scent originating from under your motor.

Overheating may have caused blown wire in your electrics, or there may be an issue in your auto’s start switch. Whatever the issue is, you should contact an expert technician instantly and get the issue settled.

Smoke When You Turn On The Motor

When you see smoke, it can be serious symptom for prompt activity. It demonstrates an assortment of issues with the beginning circuit or the starter. When you see smoke, it for the most part implies that the starter is drawing excessively of energy through the power supply. There can be a few purposes behind this.


The starter may have shorted, or it must work for a really long time without resting. You may see smoke if there is some association issue as well. In the event that you see smoke, it is prescribed to stop the vehicle quickly and require a tow. Running an overheated vehicle can bring about deadly results.

Starter Stays On Even After Turning On The motor

The circuit should close and end providing energy to the engine as you discharge the key and begin the motor. Be that as it may, if the starter still remains on in the wake of touching off the motor, the primary contacts with the starter more likely than not welded together in a shut position.

On the off chance that this happens, the starter stalls out in the turned on position and makes harm the circuit, starter hand-off and transmission flywheel. That is the reason it is essential to get the issue tended to promptly by an expert technician.

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